Re Zero Volume 2 week 4

Re Zero Volume 2 Week 4

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Week 3 Reading: Until the end of chapter 3 part 5

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So, kinda thinking out loud here, but

I wonder if the reason his savepoint (for lack of a better term) moved is due to interactions with “his weird magical makeup” as ベティー called it in the first part. First spot was the part where he got summoned to the world, second one was when she stole rightfully redistributed his internal magic supply. :thinking: I just hope the answer isn’t “plot convenience”.


End of the part,

This was really funny :joy:

Oh, this is the scene from the illustration at the start of the book.


Both those spoilers are for end of this week’s, reading, yes?

I’ll be looking forward to reading those another day. :slight_smile:

I have a question for part 3.3. All the spoilers are up to the end of that part. :slight_smile:

So we finally got a bit more of an intro to the magic of this world. Nice~ It’s the expected elements, but still. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was wondering how you all read the attributes. Do you read 火属性 as かぞくせい - or ひぞくせい? I went with かぞくせい etc. 陰 I read as かげ, but apparently it can also be read as いん? What about 陽 - よう?

In other news, this isn’t going at all the way I was expecting, and I’m really liking this development! ロスっち and スバル bath convo was so much fun. :slight_smile:

I just noticed, but @icefang97, you’re not voting in your own poll?


oh ! I forgot. Sorry, got lots of thing going on these day and my schedule is all over the place ha ha.



They’re read in kun: 火属性ひぞくせい.


And the other two are: いん and よう.

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Thank you! So that’s what it was.

I clearly have not played enough fantasy rpgs in Japanese.





Next week is up


(Roswald entering bath) 股間の聖剣が欲場の温風に揺れながらスバルを見下ろしている :rofl: :rofl:

Magic stuff. Wasn’t the magic lecture scene done by Emilia and Puck in the anime? Wonder why they changed it. More screen time for Emilia? What a shame losing boys bonding time. :laughing:


Yeah, they did change some things around in the anime. Not really anything game-breaking, though, mostly just exposition like this.

That scene was in the anime if I believe

The scene was, but didn’t they figure out Subarus affinity by some other method? I don’t remember that lecture by Roswald, but I could be wrong.

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Yeah, in the anime Emilia and Puck handled that. The scene with Roswaal in the bath appears in Break Time though, just abridged.


Oh! that part. Could be yeah. Didn’t Puck put his tail on Subaru’s forehead in the anime for it?

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[spoiler for some time later] that’s one death later in the main story. It’s a bit redundant so I can see why they would remove one out for the anime.

(Also @jneapan)