[Question] Script for User incorrect answers

I wasn’t sure how to describe it concisely for the title but, I’m asking if there is a script for a thing similar to user synonyms (in the fact you can edit them) that will let you input wrong answers and let you try again similar to how if you used the wrong reading on a kanji it will tell you it’s looking for a different reading, but customizable. The reason (at least currently I’m sure there will be more like this to come) is for the kanji 分 I always answer it as わ since in immersion I often see different forms of 分かる. Making me instantly type わ instead of ふん or ぶん I would definitely know to use that reading in something such as 18分 so I don’t want to be held back on this kanji just because of this reason

This image shows an example of the wrong reading:

Are you sure you’re not doing this on the vocab review instead of the kanji review? For the kanji review I would expect it so do the shake and warn you if you answered with わ, but for the vocab itself わ is wrong. That’s why WaniKani doesn’t shake and warn you for vocab.

Well yes I am doing it in the vocabulary section, just since that one happened to have appeared first every time so far, either way it doesn’t change what kind of request I’m making as that should be editable for all of the different things.

Okay, just wanted to make sure you knew the difference first since sometimes people don’t know.

If you want a way to undo wrong answers, this is the script you want:

Yeah I probably should’ve specified in the post my bad, thank you for the script :D

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