Is there a 'redo' script?

I looked at the list and didn’t see what I’m looking for (but maybe I missed it). Don’t know if others have this problem, but often enough to be annoying I will type in the katakana when the question is asking for the meaning and then hit enter before realizing it. e.g. the question might be for the meaning of kanji 力 and instead of answering ‘power’ I will type ‘ryoku’ and hit enter. It is scored as an error, and it would be nice to be able to redo it. Usually happens when I’m plowing quickly through a large review pile.

Sure, there are actually several (although I’m having trouble finding the threads for them right now for some reason). Right now I’m using WaniKani Override, which has a little button in the corner that’ll stop it from being marked as wrong, but doesn’t make it correct, it’ll just show you again later. That’s probably good for me since sometimes I’ll override thinking “I knew that, it was just impulsive” and then proceed to get it wrong again, at which point I’ll accept that I’m just an idiot and take the wrong answer.

It’s on Tampermonkey if you’ve used that before. If you’ve got Tampermonkey or Greasyfork already just search for it, I’m on v 1.13 but I think v2 is out.

(Just be careful with it, it’s so easy to override things you genuinely got wrong. I do that only if I get something wrong and it’ll set me back several days on my level, but I certainly have moments of weakness)

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[Userscript]: Double-Check (Version 2.x)


I don’t know if there’s a script, but I often use wanikani on my phone and closing the window I’m using it on and reopening the reviews page to start over works for me, it doesn’t mark the error.

However you have to re-do all the words you had before and hadn’t been able to score (ie if you had only done the meaning of a word and not the pronunciation yet, you’ll have to do the meaning again). I see as an extra chance to practice more words tbh.

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[Userscript] Wanikani Override (“ignore answer button”)
Found it :slight_smile: It’s slightly different from the Double-Check script but it’s a matter of preference

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Are you using WK in your browser or a third party app like Tsurukame? On my phone I use Tsurukame and it’s got a built in option for an answer override (which’ll just mark it right) as well as adding a synonym for whatever you typed (very useful). I’d recommend getting it, it’s free you just need an API key.

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Great, thanks for the replies! I’ll add the Override script.

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