Option to set "Wrap Up" items to different size for reviews?

I’ve been reviewing items in chunks of 10, and I’m finding that even 10 words in a single session is too much for me personally to review and often time re-learn words. It’s been getting increasingly more difficult as more words have been in circulation for my reviews.

Is there a way to set the “wrap up” size to a smaller amount so that I can focus on say 5 words at a time when I review, so I can take extra time to try to focus on a smaller set.


The wrap up size is 5 words by default (5 readings, 5 meanings. Hit wrap up at once when you start your reviews and you’ll get your 5 words.

It’s 10 items though…?


10 words or 10 items (5 readings, 5 meanings)? If you hit wrap up before you review anything?

As far as I’m aware it doesn’t change functionality by hitting it immediately or anything. It’s 10 items, where a radical only has one thing to review, but kanji and vocab both have the two parts.


Sorry, my mistake. I see that it’s 10 words now.

I wish there was a review count we could set. I like to do sets of 15, which I can set in the mobile app, but I’d prefer to use the website. I mostly hit wrap up, do 2 sets of 10, or power through if I don’t have many left


Script Reorder Ultimate 2 allows you to select smaller subset of reviews by removing items by level or item type.

Warning: this may have some side effects on SRS, since you will be given a hint that all items are coming from particular level, for example. This is a bit like using multiple choice answer instead of free text.

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No idea if this script still works, but maybe it’ll help.


If you have an iPhone, the Tsurukame app wrap up default is 5 items.

The Tsurukame app only lets you finish all half started items without introducing any new items. So if you hit Wrap-up immediately after starting reviews you only get one item.
This of course means that you can hit wrap-up anytime when you‘ve had enough and only get like 2-4 leftover reviews.

Another solution might be to use a script that allows you to review reading and meaning back to back (ultimate reorder has it; Tsurukame also has this functionality). This way you wouldn’t even need the wrap-up button, but you could stop at any moment without losing half-started reviews.

Wait, are you sure? I can’t check right now because I don’t have any reviews, but I always remember it giving me 5 more reviews regardless of how many I’ve already done. Ex. If I open the reviews and immediately hit wrap up, I remember getting 5 reviews.

Sorry, I just checked. I think mine was behaving differently because I had 1x1 mode activated :laughing:
Yeah you are right, the default is 5 items. But I found out that you can change the review batch size freely between 3 and 10 items.

See, that would be a nice feature for WaniKani to have natively, especially since they already have the concept of batch sizes for lessons.


If you have android, Flaming Durtles wrap-up will finish up any items that haven’t been completed.

Very much this! I tried to do reviews on an hourly basis (to spread them out) and it worked out great (small bite-size chunks every now and then) but recently some items piled up in two groups of 30-40 items which seemed daunting so I decided to “manually” spread them out by doing 10 reviews hourly (I have around 100 items daily so this should be more than enough). However, while Flaming Durtles have this option, when using website on the computer (which is more comfortable) the only option is to hit “wrap up” immediately at the beginning of the session.

It would be awesome if WK had this option/review limit built-in! <3

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