Batch size reviews and jakeipuu


I absolutely love jakeipuu reviews batch sizing, which lets me choose how many reviews i want to do in every session, is there a way of doing the same or something similar on the computer?



You could try this script I made two weeks ago for someone with a similar request. You need WKOF installed for it to work

Wanikani: Review Queue Sizer


you could also use the “wrap up” option when doing reviews: when you’re approaching the number of reviews you want to do, hit wrap up, and WK will finish up the questions you’ve still got open, and then end the session.


Indeed. I do that all the time. :eyes:

@cbaidon45 The house symbol in the upper the left corner allows you to just end the session. There is no need to do more reviews than you want to. :slight_smile:

My main issue with wrap ups is that to finish a review of one item you have to complete both the reading and meaning reviews. So if i want to do 20 or 30 or an specific amount of reviews that won’t work well, it will just finish the review session at that point. Just imagine if i begin a 300 review session and i do the reading review of one kanji and it turns out the meaning review its the review #200 i wouldn’t be able to effectively wrap up.

The script that Kumirei shared is a fantastic because i am able to do little review sessions instead of huge review sessions, since i am working and have many activities that might interrupt me, it is more convenient.

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I guess I never really found that too problematic. WK remembers your previous session to a point also. So, having to maybe retype a couple of answers isn’t that much wasted time. :woman_shrugging:

I usually like doing my reviews in batches of 100, and it’s nice to just have that preconfigured. I’ve been using a variant of this script myself for over a year

my understanding is that the wrap-up function makes sure that you get the second part of any review which you’ve done the first for.

Yeah, but you really can’t set it to a predefined number of items you could be in the middle of a session doing only one part of the review for many items before wrapping up

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