Smaller Reviews

It would be nice if when it’s time to review, it does it 10, 20, 30, or x number of items at a time instead of all of the items you have to review. Kinda like how when you hit lessons, you get 5 at a time, why not do the same for review items too? That way you spend 10 mins on 30 items, break. Go for another 30 items, break.

I usually just stop after I do like 20 items but sometimes an item will be tested on the Japanese or English side, and the other half won’t show up until at the end of all of the review items.

I saw another topic of a similar idea but it’s been archived now.

Hit the wrap up button. It looks like a clock.

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As Leebo said, the wrap-up button will finish up the review session in 10 items, finishing up any half answered items.

If you plan on doing 30 reviews, for example, you can simply press the wrap-up button after 20 items are completed.

Or you can use 1x1 mode in a reordering script which means you get tested on meaning and then reading for each item as you go. I prefer this because it makes the reviews quicker. I have to set to reading first and then meaning straight after.

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Just close your browser when the review reach 10, 20, 30. You don’t have to finish it all at once, nor do you have to do review until you drop (like 1000 review, and you will never finish it anyway.)

BTW, I have just tried Wrap Up button today. Might be better using it than not using it.

If WaniKani had the reviews in batches, I would get annoyed because it would slow down the review process. I don’t want to restart the session after ten, twenty or thirty reviews. I want to go through it as fast as possible. If I don’t have time to do the whole lot, I can use the aforementioned “wrap up” button or walk away from the computer.


Thanks for the response peeps. I didn’t realize that clock icon on the lower left meant to wrap up. It’s made reviewing for me a bit easier now.

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