Select number of reviews at one time

Hey I’m new here.
Just wondering if there’s a way to select the number of reviews you can do at once, just like lessons?

I didn’t know until after doing 50 lessons at once that all of the reviews show up at the same time too. Or at least select which ones you can review, and save the ones I don’t know for a later time.

I believe there is a script that lets you choose a number of reviews, but I don’t remember what it was called. You still have the wrap-up button which stops your review after 10 items. Furthermore you have this reordering script, with which you can choose which reviews to do.

You can also just close the tab or press the home icon in the top left corner at any time, as far as I’m aware WaniKani will still keep track of all progress.

Not quite all. WK only saves the state of items that you did both the meaning and reading reviews for, so by doing this you will lose up to 10 reviews, which is why they have the wrap-up button.


Huh, could’ve sworn I’ve done this before and not lost any progress.
I’ll have to experiment tomorrow then :confused:

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I use the wrap-up clock to the bottom left of the coloured review box - it lets you do reviews in sets of 10, but you need to hit it each time.

I believe this only happens if you resume reviews on same device

If you’re using reordering to have both meaning and reading appearing at the same time, it’s never a problem.

Yes, this is how it works.

If you just close the window then it still remembers the partial reviews done on the same device. It is time limited though so you have to complete the other part of the review within a set time limit for it to still count (I seem to recall that it was something like 4 hours).

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I’m working on a new user script to combat the frustration of large review queues. It’s almost at a stage where I can put out a beta version (for a start, it uses the WK API V2 which is still not set in stone).

The concept is fairly straightforward in that you can lock a set number of items so that you can focus on the rest instead. Point being that you can increase the lock count when the review queue is too much and decrease it when you’ve got the time and energy for it.

I’m currently testing it with 450 locked items and here’s how it looks so far:

And in the review session:


And I almost forgot the 30 day review schedule where you can see how your schedule changes (This is the part I’m working on integrating into WK at the moment):



I think it’s this one, though I don’t use it so I can’t be sure.

I believe it’s 2 hours, but either way this is why you should always use the wrap up button.


Now that you mention it, I’m pretty sure that it’s 2 hours.

I was pretty sure it was only 1 hour.

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Question - what do you mean about locking? Such as, once your review count reaches that number no new reviews will be added to the queue until you’ve gotten them under that point?

I’ve long wanted a “catch-up” mode where I could pause the adding of new items to my reviews while I clear out the ones that are already there. Sort of an in-between of normal usage and vacation mode, to help clear stuff out without getting demotivated as new stuff piles up. I always figured that would have to be an official addition though, and don’t anticipate that ever being added.

Whether that’s what your script does or not, it sounds useful. Do you have a separate thread for it that I could watch to make sure I know when it’s ready to try out? Thanks!

I just created a new thread for it here: WIP: Lock Script

Basically put: if you work on the existing reviews and block all new reviews from appearing then you’re putting wasted effort into those items because you’re blocking the follow-on reviews for whatever you manage to clear.

Everyone’s brain works differently. I wouldn’t know whether it actually worked for me until I got to try it, so who knows. But I do like the way your script is set up, and I’ll be on the lookout!

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