Noone responds to support emails

I want to skip lesson 1 i have been at it for so long and this is just insane. You should not have the time be this far appart. you get one wrong and it resets everything to apprentice. What type of bull is that. HOW IS ANYONE SOPOST TO PASS THIS. I am tired of doing the same basic kanji i have known for years. The thing that is tripping me up isn’t the kanji nonono. It is the stupid fake radical names. I keep getting them mixxed up with the vocab that and the passive form of words. MAKE MORE ANSWERS FOR THOSE!

You can’t skip any levels. That’s ingrained into the system and isn’t going to change.

You can add your own synonyms for radicals.

Also, if you’re writing to them like you’re writing now, I think I can understand why they wouldn’t respond to your emails.


The work week hasn’t started yet in America… How long have you been trying to contact them.


This thread is giving me Zeriel vibes.

Perhaps you can read the answers to that thread and see how it was handled.


I enjoy the site don’t get me wrong its just the reset back to fricken apprentice is murder for small mistakes. If you get the vocab right and it demotes you because you got the kanji wrong. I stopped doing wani for about a year and i am back on it now because i am in japan and i wanna learn more vocab and stuff. Hell i get less pissed of at the anki app then this. Also don’t teach transitive, intransitive/ passive verbs IN LESSON 1. Noone in the right mind will fully understand how to use it without the proper grammer its idiotic

i just realized i replied the last part to u xd sorry i thought it was just adding on to my original thing sorry heyiserika

Haha no problem, I understand the frustration. When I first started WaniKani, the slow pace of it also dragged for me and I really didn’t understand how it worked. But honestly you just get used to what things WK is asking for with time. If you keep making mistakes, that’s ok, you’ll still progress. I do understand wanting more answer to certain things, like with 別に I always write ‘nothing in particular’ and get it wrong because it’s supposed to be ‘not particularly’, but that’s just one of the fall backs of having pre-determined meanings. But I still like that WK has it all there because I’m lazy and don’t want to make flashcards myself lol. That’s what I’m paying for I guess. Plus I trust the system, and I’ve definitely been able to read so much more in daily life so the system does work if you let it.

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Wanikani is created to learn kanji, which is taught by means of homebrew radicals and is reinforced by some vocabulary. Wanikani is not a vocabulary learning resource, though it helps. Using Anki or Torii would helps much more with that.

Regarding the speed, in the FAQ you will find that you’ll level up once 90% of the kanji in your level has reached Guru level or higher. This is the fifth level a review item can reach. The intervals between items become larger the higher their levels are.

Apprentice 1 → Apprentice 2 : 4 hours
Apprentice 2 → Apprentice 3 : 8 hours
Apprentice 3 → Apprentice 4 : 23 hours
Apprentice 4 → Guru 1 : 47 hours

As you can see here above, guru-ing a kanji takes 3 days and 10 hours at least. It might seem long, but it really helps to reinforce those kanji. Before you know it you’ll start advancing through the levels :wink: But I understand that since you started during this trip, wanikani won’t be of much use to you.


You can add your own user synonyms under the WK definitions :wink:


OK FIRST OF ALL, I never knew that :flushed: Second, wow a game changer :joy:


So far wanikani has been entirely review for me, but the first level is important. The radical names and explanations build on each other for later lessons. Stick with it for a week or two and you will unlock enough content to keep you busy. It’s really just the first few days that are slow.

Or if you feel the need to absolutely control the pace at which you can study, you can always make your own kanji program.


Noone responds to support emails

I have always received fairly swift and courteous responses from the support team in the few emails I have sent them… Maybe like how you are aggressive in your post you send emails the same way and they dont want to answer a rude email?


“forty second floor” :anger:
“42nd floor” :heart:

also get the addon that enables editing synonyms during the lesson :slight_smile:


This is the big question here. Having to wait two work days for an email response is adequate (my opinion).

regardless to your questrion you should get an answer. And when i contacted them I got an answer within 2 work days. But the answer to your question will be that skipping lessons is intentionally not possible and will never be.


This doesn’t happen though. The vocab and kanji items are separate and go up and down separately in the SRS. Besides, if you already got a kanji to guru (which is how you unlocked the vocab), getting it wrong again doesn’t matter for leveling up.


spoiler alert: there are no “real”, official radical names, only common nicknames.
There is an originally chinese system of 214 radicals where each kanji is identified by only one radical, and it’s mostly only useful for dictionaries.
Yes, WK made the radical names up, because the radicals will appear in many many kanji, and you need a name to call them by to remember them. Then a Kanji is presented as a story with the radical names in it. That’s a great way for the brain to learn. For example, the kanji for “write down” has the radicals “self” and “say”. When you need to say something to yourself, you write it down (e.g. in a Journal).
Unfortunately, the stories aren’t always so intuitive, but often the weird stories are easier to remember, and this is pretty much the best system there is.

If you skip radicals, it’s very likely you will not be able to remember kanji effectively.

and yes, you can add your own synonyms for meanings and vocabulary.
the beginning is slow, but it will very quickly become a huge workload if you always do all lessons.


Yeah I get your frustration as I had already lived in Japan for a few years when I did level one. But you just GET OVER IT. This system for learning Kanji is very effective, perhaps the most effective I’ve encountered. But it only works because of how it forces you to get everything perfectly right. Radicals are a pain, but you can add your own answer and mark ‘radical’ as a correct answer if you’re desperate to skip them. But I wouldn’t. Things will really ramp up down the line, so take it easy, pay more attention and relax for goodness’ sake. If you keep getting the easy ones wrong it’s only going to take longer to move forward…


Apart from what others have said, you can also install scripts to help add additional features to WK, like WK Double Check where you can correct wrong inputs. I’d use it with caution though, since it can screw up the entire point of this website.

This is a kanji educational website, not grammar or vocab. WK was not built to teach the entirety of the language. Did you read the FAQ? You might get more answers there if you need help with what WK is all about and how it works.

If you’re looking for help with grammar, I’d check out Bunpro. I’ve had a lot of great experiences with them there, highly recommend.

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Huh! Learn something every day.

The “official” radicals come from the 18th century chinese Kangxi dictionary, and not even all the 214 are in use in Japanese.
There are commonly-used nicknames, but they aren’t fully standardized.
Some Japanese language tests especially for natives like the Kanken do ask you to identify this “main radical” of a kanji though.
And you can look up Kanji in most dictionaries using their main radical, but you don’t need names for that.

There’s an article about it from Tofugu, also explaining how some radicals were named.
See the “Identifying the Radical” section

WK’s radical system is much better suited to create mnemonics.

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