Just joined WaniKani and cannot tell if this is normal

Hey there,

I just registered on WaniKani a few hours ago. After completing the tour and having read the guide, I do understand that WaniKani is SRS-based and that unlocking new items comes with time. Howerver, after having studied the first 5 radicals available and having waited a few hours, nothing has changed and I have nothing planned in the next 24 hours (see screenshots). Will they unlock later on or am I doing something wrong?

Any help would be much appreciated,

Thank you!

Did you do the quiz after you studied them. You should have fewer than 26 lessons if you did some already.

I’m not sure why the radicals you have already studied arent coming up, unless you didn’t quiz over them or they are on the 2 day gap (last part of apprentice). Based off of your post it sounds like the former, which leebo already said, but I was typing this reply so imma post it anyways.

EDIT: You also have 0 apprentice, implying you never quizzed over those 5. Unless this is all a bug.

Right I forgot to mention, quizz is grayed out and I’m seemingly not allowed to pass it by now neither.

I get this button + a red forbidden sign when hovering the quizz button


Go back into your lessons and work through the 5. Screenshot what it looks like after that. The quiz button should turn green, but just hitting the right arrow should automatically prompt you to take the quiz after the 5th item.

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Looks like this worked, I just didn’t use the “next item” arrow and checked the 5 by myself.

Thank you! :grin:

No problem. For kanji and vocab you are going to need to also use that arrow to get to the meaning/reading tab which is why they want you to do that.

It makes sense but yeah, not very intuitive when you just got started I’d say.

Hi, are you from belgium?

Anyway click start session. you have 25 more things to learn according to the screenshot

Yes, hence Jupiler :stuck_out_tongue:
I was doing lessons the wrong way, my problem has been solved, but thanks eventhough!

I would report it as a bug (somewhere?). It sounds like something simple to implement and those who read lessons like that won’t have that problem. They just have to remember which sections have been read, and if all of them have, independently of how you reached them, the “Quiz” button should become enabled.

I think one variable and one line of code would do :grinning:
I’ll see if I’m able to reproduce it and if so this could be sent to the dev team.

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Bug reports are best sent by email to hello@wanikani.com

Was just talking to someone how there aren’t many fellow belgians here and suddenly it’s like an invasion omg (hi ^^)

Not Belgian but I dropped by to say that your profile picture is adorable.


Not Belgian but I dropped by to say that your chocolate is adorable.


chirpblush… y-you mean me? if you did, then sending kakapo hugs your way

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I just had some chocolate this morning and it was very adorable indeed


Hey, good to see we are a few around! :grin:

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hi korinoshikkan,

After a 25 year obsession with Japan that I didn’t try to feed. i tried learning some japanese with genki during summer. Went for one week to tokyo in december. Was a crazy idea I got and five days later i was on the plane. hiragana and katakana learned were not much use.
Found this site and going to learn some kanji. Now that i am doing this. i want to go back to genki.
What i didnt realise is that sentences are a mix of all three. So that is why iam here. Having trouble with the different readings and when to use them so far… wish they would not say that is a wrong answer :slight_smile:
Hoping i will continue to do this as learning by heart is not something i like to do.

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