No lessons

I am at level three with 53 Apprentices (2R, 16K, 35V) , 160 Gurus (22R, 34K, 104V) , and 125 Masters (58R, 36K, 31V). But no lessons for the second day in a row… Is it normal?

What level of the SRS ladder are your level 3 radicals on? If they’re at the Apprentice 2 stage or something, a few days wait is totally normal.

Yes, level 3 and onward are slower than the first two. This will be compensated later by an increase in reviews.

22/22 for Radicals and 31/33 for Kanjis.

I noticed your account is really old. What has your timeline been like? Did you sign up way back when and just recently start, or did you do a bunch of stuff, leave it for a long time, and just now return.

Well I just don’t remember. I probably tried WaniKani for a short while and moved to something else.

But you didn’t do much recently? I mean, you remember what you did recently, right? Can you post a screencap of your dashboard? Failing us trying to figure it out, you could always shoot an email to

Well I should have tried WaniKani in 2015 when I was assessing several tools. But I have no remembrance of this trial. I started again three weeks ago. I am WaniKanying once a day for 30’ at least.


Based on the dashboard, you still have a lot of level 3 kanji in apprentice status. It will take some time to get those to guru, then you’ll reach level 4 and receive new lessons.

OK thanks. I was just surprised not having level 3 vocabulary lessons (with kanjis already known). I guess I am still not understanding the SRS mechanism.

yes that could indeed be a bug. You’re already subscribed right? You wouldn’t be the first where level 3 vocab or even level 4 content doesn’t unlock after getting a subscription. Email the team about it to see if there’s nothing wrong on their end.

Done. Thanks.

There’s no reason to expect him to be level 4 yet, since he’s got plenty of apprentice level 3 items.

of course not and I didn’t mean to imply that. I’m just saying that those two problems (which have happened before) are probably caused by the same fault in WK’s system.

I was not expecting to be at level 4 yet. I subscribed to get full access (and review) to information from upper levels because I already learned about 600 kanjis (but not their readings) using my own hints and I would like to add these hints as comments when appropriate.

Two extra infos:
(1) level 2 円 (and its words) not proposed yet.
(2) I got a few browser crashes on my tablet when doing lessons

Have you guru’d the lid and head radicals that make up the 円 kanji?

The head radical was only proposed two days ago. I noticed that some radicals and kanjis seem to lag somewhat behind.

Because you either did the lessons later or made some mistakes on them at some point.

So far all my answers are just “this is normal, just get used to the flow of lessons and reviews.”

I will came back to this issue if lessons keep not appearing.