OK you need to fix this!


This Onyomi Kunyomi shannanigans because it’s making my blood boil! If You show me a Kanji and I type the Onyomi instead of the Kunyomi or vice versa…STOP MARKING IT WRONG!!! I’m tired of getting Kanji I know to death being sent to apprentice because of this!!!

Sometimes the Kanji shakes and says it’s looking for the Kunyomi but more often than not, it does nothing and marks it wrong because FUCK ME THAT’S WHY :(((((((((

I’m about to finish my trial and want to pay for the service but I may not because I may suffer a stroke if this shit continues!


Let me guess. You keep screwing up the vocab, not the kanji. What you need to do to fix the problem, is learn the difference.


You may want to read this thread - What do I even call this?


I did this in the beginning as well. It helps to recognize what they are asking for based on the color of the background. Pink background will be kanji, purple will be vocab, blue will be a radical.


Ok, deep breath. You’re expecting X and it’s expecting Y. We can get on the same page and get through this.

The background colors of words and kanji are different. If its a word (purple background) you have to type the word–which for a single kanji is usually the kunyomi. If its a kanji (pink background) you have to type what it wants. Sometimes its the kunyomi and sometimes its on the onyomi. If you enter the wrong one, it shakes and asks you for the other one.

It can be frustrating when you’re starting but give it another week and you won’t even be thinking about it.


The problem is when I loose ALL PROGRESS because Wanikani expects me to know what it wants when it’s mixing Onyomi, Kunyomi, Vocabulary and Raddical name ALL IN THE SAME LESSON. It doesn’t mean I don’t know it it means I get it wrong because I have to guess what it wants at that moment when I’m rushing trough a hundred Kanji.


Your statistics tell a different story.

You seem to have reason to be angry at yourself, not at WaniKani.
And what exactly needs fixing? You’re the one doing it all wrong. There are plenty of users who worked around the issue you’re describing. Within 11 months, that should be possible for you as well. Yet, you come here and make a big deal about your inability to learn and blaming others. Seriously, you might want to look at your post again from a distance and question this approach.


It’s important that you get the vocab (purple) wrong if you type the onyomi… otherwise you’re not really learning the vocab. Having the onyomi (pink) “shake” when you enter the kunyomi makes sense since, normally, seeing that individual kanji in a sentence might imply the vocab. You weren’t “wrong” but it’s not what WaniKani was asking for. WaniKani clearly shows you what it’s asking for via color. Try to remember pink vs purple! You can do it!


Here’s an idea. Slow the F down. It is telling you what it wants. Its not WK’s fault you’re in too much of a hurry to pay attention.


Or just install the Override script which lets you “undo” your last error.


And you’re assuming a lot about me because you’re reading my “stats”. I may be a lv 2 here but I know about 500 Kanji and understand spoken Japanese very well so I know what fucking Sun, Mountain and Tree are, Kunyomi, Onyomi, Vocabulary and Stroke order. I’m only trying the tutorial to see if this is worth buying but I may as well stick to Anki.


Classic “I’m too smart for this site” argument, which I suspect is BS based on your attitude.
But good idea, stick to Anki, and leave us alone.


Leaving the tone of your post aside, you really could benefit from reading this before progressing any further in WaniKani:

You’re obviously not understanding how the site is supposed to work so you’d do better if you read a bit about it.


How do you guys check the Wall of Shame? xD I tried to check several profiles and I didn’t find anything lol


Thanks knowing the background colors actually helps


You were talking about the kanji that “you know to death” being sent back to apprentice. Now you’re talking about knowing 500 kanji. So what part of Japanese are you talking about what you want help with? I’m a little bit confused here.

In any case, that doesn’t change your inappropriate tone. Others have posted good resources for you to take a look at. I recommend using those.

@jprspereira: https://www.wanikani.com/community/people/Zeriel as an example


Got it! Thanks @mks :slight_smile:

That awkward moment when your Wall of Shame has an item you learned 4h ago :joy:


That awkward moment when you give a shit about random people’s “wall of shame”


I was talking about my own Wall of Shame mate. No worries.


Ok I apologize then, I’m on edge since I’m the target of everybody’s accusations here