🔊 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge - Spring 2023 🌼 🌱

:blossom: polv’s Listening Challenge of Q2 2023 Home Post

Perhaps a class of materials that is quite solid to do, is audio that has full transcripts. A fraction of modern literatures may have audiobook on audiobook.jp, and classic ones may even have on YouTube. YouTube Premium allows hiding the video / turning off the screen, if it’s not in YouTube For Kids.

YouTube may be a nice source of materials, if there are some text inside the video.

Things with JP sub, or non-JP sub, may be considered; but I find that some unique listening skills may be excluded. Also materials with transcripts, there must be some time to listen without transcript (but maybe read later or earlier).

Without text guidance, I find it a little difficult, although it depends. I would experiment what I can in the future. Also, screen-off, listening-only, is also simply for convenience, or mood, but not necessarily perfect comprehension.

I would consider doing exercise books, for N2-N1, or I might find some alternative listening exercises.

Icons: :headphones: = audiobook / podcast, :tv: = no sub audio-visual, :u6709: = JP sub, :abc: = non-JP sub, :busts_in_silhouette: = conversation

  月     火     水     木     金     土     日  
#1 :headphones: :headphones: :tv:
#2 :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv:
#3 :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv:
#4 :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv:
#5 :headphones: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :headphones: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv:
  月     火     水     木     金     土     日  
#6 :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv:
#7 :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv:
#8 :headphones: :u6709: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :u6709: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv:
#9 :headphones: :u6709: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv: :tv: :headphones: :u6709:
#10 :tv: :tv: :headphones: :tv:

Challenge Wrap-Up

  月     火     水     木     金     土     日  
#10 :headphones: :tv: :tv: :headphones: :tv: :headphones:
#11 :headphones: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :u6709:
#12 :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :headphones: :headphones: :headphones: :headphones: :tv:
#13 :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: :headphones: :headphones: :tv:
:headphones: :tv: :headphones: :headphones: :headphones: :tv: :headphones: