Level 20 and unburned

I just turned level 20 and I haven’t burned a single thing! Is this normal? What’s wrong with me???


Items for burning should be just around the corner. I started mid-May and my first burn items came about at the beginning of this month.


Thank you! I started around July I think. But i’ve been waiting for items to burn since level 10

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At optimal speed, you get your items back in 174.5 days. You could ostensibly reach level 28 (174.5/(6+10/24)=~27.2, with the first two levels being fast, that’s 28) without burning anything, even if you get everything right.

174.5 days as in:

Current Item Stage Next Item Stage Time until next transition
Apprentice 1 Apprentice 2 4 hours
Apprentice 2 Apprentice 3 8 hours
Apprentice 3 Apprentice 4 1 day - 1 hour
Apprentice 4 Guru 1 2 days - 1 hour
Guru 1 Guru 2 1 week - 1 hour
Guru 2 Master 2 weeks - 1 hour
Master Enlightened 1 month - 1 hour
Enlightened Burned 4 months - 1 hour

I didn’t start burning until just before level 20.

Your time will come, be patient. :slight_smile:


Wow you really studied the system: I guess that’s what it takes to get to level 60

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I mean there is the FAQ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I started burning at level 12.
Because level 9 took me a month lol


nothing’s wrong with you and if you’d like to know when and how many burns you’ll get, i suggest installing the WK heatmap script.

it’s a fabulous script anyway.

that’s how i knew my first burns would be sept 12th (started in march)

it looks like this

and has tons of settings

@Joeni looks like someone needs a welcome post with those useful links :wink:


This is true for normal items, but for your first burns, it should be 172.75 days, since the SRS cycles for level 1 and 2 items are accelerated during the apprentice stages.

Also, I got my first burns around level 27, as documented in the 0/0 thread. I was going at nearly full speed, so this more or less lines up with your math.

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Were level 1 and 2 double speed back then though?

They were double speed back when I started a year ago, yes.

That’s why they show up as fast levels in my level up chart.

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Your speed is insane btw, very well done


My speed has been just a little under max since I started in March and I started burning things in early October, around level 23-24ish I think. You should be close!

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It’s great to have you here!

If you haven’t already check out the Forum Guidelines and the Wanikani User Guide .
There’s also tonnes of things on the forums to help you on your way such as The guide, The Ultimate resource list, and API and Third Party Apps.

If you have any questions, check out this thread; but if this doesn’t answer your questions, feel free to create a thread like you’re done here, or email The Wanikani staff.

Good luck, and I look forward to seeing you around!


I started burning at late level 27/early level 28, I don’t remember which. It all depends on your speed.

9 and 10 have each taken me over a month. But I hate doing lessons until I feel more confident with what I already have.

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