Finally made it out of Level 11

It took me 60 days…
I had a review pile of 690+ and a lesson pile of 200+ (thanks reorder!) due to not being able to manage kids + work and wanikani together.
I’m back on track now.

I’m expecting my first burn items next Tuesday. We’ll see how that will impact :grimacing:


Congrats for not giving up :slight_smile:

I should be out of level 11 this weekend. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


Congrats! Just got my first burned items a few days ago as well. It’s a nice feeling, though I’m always worried that I’m gonna screw them up and send them back to Guru lol.

Where can I find the calendar from your first screencap?

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Thank you and good luck!

Thank you!
You can find the heat map here:

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