How long does it usually take to burn all item and is there any record tools for progress after lv.60?

I have just reached lv.60 not long ago and am wondering how long does it usually takes to burn all the items after that?

For reference, I take on average 8 days to level up. (as my first langauge is Cantonese and therefore quite familiar with the Kanji character, but pronouncation and meaning can be quite different, so it is still meaningful for me to use WaniKani)

And it seems that most statstics tool out there are only for leveling up. Is there any tools for tracking the progress in burning item? (Especially the summary page is gone now… more then ever I want the summary page back. There is really no sense of progress after lv.60)


There are some userscripts for keeping track of that. Here are some that come to my mind rn:

There is also a summary page script.

And congrats on reaching level 60 :slight_smile:

Not sure how long it will take you, but at least 6 months from now. AFAIK it takes many people multiple years to burn everything, though.


I guess I’m one of the few out here not using userscripts. I generally check my progress on wkstats.

When it comes to how it takes, I believe it is as follows:
Apprentice I (3 hours) → Apprentice II (6 Hours) → Apprentice III (1 day) → Apprentice 4 (2 days) → Guru I (1 week) → Guru II (2 weeks) → Master (1 month) → Enlightened (4 months) → Burned

If above is correct, it should take approximately 6 months once a lesson is finished.