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第3話 75歳の値段

Episode 3, the cost of 75 years (of age)

Places and names↓
  • 斉藤 英二郎 (さいとう えいじろう): the main character. He is an idealist who wants to be a doctor to help people as opposed to become rich.
  • 永禄大学: the Eiroku (or Eternal Fortune) university, where Saitou graduated. Abbreviation: 永大.
  • 誠同病院: Seidou hospital, a private hospital where Saitou did part-time job at night (on Episode 1). It paid well but was in conflict with Saitou’s values and beliefs.
  • 服部 脩(はっとり おさむ): director of Seidou hospital.
  • 牛田 克雄(うしだ かつお): doctor that worked at night at Seidou hospital. He told (on Ep.1) Saitou about how that hospital prefers traffic accidentees as their treatment is not regulated and can be billed four times more. And tries to get back in contact with Saitou, by phone (Ep.2) then by letter (Ep.3).
  • 出久根 邦弥(でくね くにや): fellow intern that (Ep.2 & 3) trains with Saitou.
  • 第一外科 : 1st surgery department. Eiroku U. follows the “super rotate” method, in which interns train on various different services in rotation; at Ep. 2 & 3 Saitou trains here.
  • 春日部 一郎(かすかべ いちろう): nicknamed “God’s hands”, is a professor at the Eiroku University hospital that just do initial incisions, and otherwise is interested only in study of eels.
  • 白鳥 貴久(しらとり たかひさ): doctor at the 1st surgery department that did the actual operation (Ep.2) at which “God’s hands” appeared. He is the instructor of Saitou and Dekune.
  • 金子 敏夫(かねこ としお): the 75 year old person that got the surgery (Ep.2). Pr. Shiratori assigns Saitou to take care of him, and he takes it seriously. However Pr. Shiratori constantly say to Saitou that it is useless to do “too much”; later he reveals him that nobody expects Mr. Kaneko to come back to life; the operation was a mock operation so that the hospital can get money from the family.
The story so far : page by page↓

Each dropdown section reveals the original Japanese text, and its interpretation into English, on those pages
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  • A : Nurse: 先生まだ残ってらしたんですか?
    Are you still here doctor?
    Saitou: はい ちょっと気になったもので…
    Yes, there’s something that I’m still curious/concerned about…
  • B & C : お早うございまーす!
    Goooood morning!
  • D : Dekune: どうしたんだ斎藤?
    What’s the matter, Saitou?
    Saitou: 今日ははやけに気合入ってじゃねーか…
    *… *
  • E & F : 血小板60単位 プラズマネート・カッター6本 ベニロン5g
    Platelets: 60 units. Plasmanate Cutter: 6 sticks. Venilon: 5g
    You did all of this to the elder/old Mr Kaneko, right? Dr Saitou
  • G : はい‼ おかげで患者は今日も良好です!
    Yes!! Thanks to (that) the patient is still fine today
  • H : Pr. Shiratori: よけいな事はしなくていい
    Don’t do too much
    I’ll show you the instructions for the treatment
  • I : (family): ありがとうございます 先生!
    Thank you doctor!
    Grandpa being operated by such a great doctor, he will surely be satisfied
  • J : 術後の経過は順調です
    Post-surgery recovery is progressing smoothly.
    The surgery was 100% successful, BUT there are complications with the heart.
  • K : ここから先は正直言って本人の生命力しだいです
    From here onward, to be honest, it depends on the person’s own vitality
    肺塞栓を起こさず回復できるかどうか… 心不全もあるし
    whether he can recover without having a pulmonary embolism (or) heart failure
  • L : Senior Doctor: ちなみにこちらは手術の助手をつとめた白鳥先生……
    By the way this is Dr. Shiratori, who served as an assistant for the surgery… Shiratori bows スッ
    Senior Doctor: あちらは受け持ちの研修医で えーー……と……
    That is the medical intern that he supervises…um…
    Saitou: 斉藤です!! I’m Saitou!!
  • A (イ) : すっかりよくなりましたね
    You’ve become completely/much better, huh?
    Let’s do the procedures so you’ll be able to be discharged from the hospital this afternoon first.
  • B (ロ) : ねえ先生 せっかくだから最後に一本点滴を打ってよ!
    Hey doctor, Since it’s hard to come by/a rare opportunity, give me one last IV drip.
  • C (ハ) : あれをやるとぐーんと元気が出るんだ
    *… *
    *… *
  • D (ニ) : えー?点滴てすか?
    Hmm… IV drops?
  • E (ホ) : 店滴の中身が何かご存知てすか?桑沢さん
    You know something about the content of IV drops, mister Kuwasawa?
  • F (ヘ) : 500ccの点滴の中身は要するに25gブドウ糖に過きません
    A 500cc IV drip containing not more than 25g of glucose
    A half cup of milk is about 100k calories of nutrients
  • G (ト) : するってーと何かい?
    In that case, what?
    There’s no point to (this) ‘IV drip’ thingy or something then?
  • H (チ) : ええ……お まじない の よう な もの です
    Yes… it’s something like a spell.
  • I (リ) : 脱水症状もないのに点滴を打つなんて日本だけですよ
    Administering an IV when you’re not even dehydrated only happens in Japan
  • A : 意外だったな… 白鳥先生って患者さんの前では笑顔もみせるんだ
    It was surprising, doctor Shiratori showed a smiling face in front of the patient
  • B : 斉藤: だけど点滴をすすめない医者なんで珍しいよね
    Saitou: However, a doctor who doesn’t recommend an i.v drip is unusual, don’t you agree
  • C : (いいえ、C じゃなかった)
  • D : 点滴の成分なんてそんなもんだし注射料も入れると一本千円以上するからな…
    The composition of IV drops, that’s how it is! Because when including the price of injection it sums more than 1000JPY per bottle
    However, the patient only pays 100JPY, as he supports a tenth of the costs
  • E : 斉藤: 確かに病院はちゃんと千円もうかってる……
    *Saitou: Certainly the hospital is easily earning thousands of yen……That kind of waste accumulates and puts pressure on the medical finances of the country.
  • H : 違う! 僕は今度こそあの当直での失敗を乗り越えたいんだ‼
    Wrong! This time I want to overcome this failure.
  • A : Nurse: 今夜はもうお帰りですか? 先生…
  • Are you going to go return home soon this evening doctor?
  • B : アパートへ帰るとハガキが一枚届いていた…
    I return to my apartment and a note was delivered
  • C : この間 当直のバイトをした病院の先生かこの間 当直のバイトをした病院の先生からだった
    In the meantime, (this) was from the Doctor at the hospital that I did half-time job duty

The letter from 牛田さん:

斉藤英二郎様 Mr Saitou Eijirou
元気か?永大出 're you fine? Eidai-guy
仲々電話がつながらないので As I cannot join you by phone
ハガキを出した。 I sent you a letter.
この間の患者は順調に The patient of the other time
回復してるぞ、 is recovering favorably
また、こっちにも≪バイトに≫こいよ。 See you. Come here to work
  • D : 留守番電話: メッセージは一件です ピッ
    Answering machine: There is one message BEEP!!
    もしもーーし お母さんでーーす
    Hel-lo-----o, it’s (your) Mo----om
  • E : 元気かい英二郎~~
    Eijirou, how are you~~
    It’s almost Obon, isn’t it~~
    I’m looking forward to seeing you again~~
  • A : Saitou: 昨日から無尿状態『が』続いていて…
  • B : BUNが110まで上昇しました… 腹膜透析を開始したいのですが
    The BUN raised until 110… I wanted to start a peritoneal dialysis but…
    C, D, E : 白鳥先生 : 何もしなくていい…
    It’s OK to do nothing
    斉藤 : ですが先生…
    But, professor…
    If we do nothing the condition of Mr. Kaneko…
    白鳥先生 : 君にはまだ分からないのか?
    You haven’t understood yet?
    …the meaning of that operation
  • F & G : Pr. Shiratori: 患者は自宅で倒れ意識不明のままここへ運ばれてきた……
    The patient collapsed in his own home and was transported all the way here…
    In spite of that, the performing of the surgery happened only after one day had passed.
    Do you know what the reason that the patient, who even now looks like he will die, was not operated on immediately earlier?
  • H : 常識的に考えて手遅れだったからだ
    Thinking about it commonsensically, it’s because it’s too late.
  • A 斉藤 : だ… だけど… 結局手術はしたじゃないですか
    Bu… But… In the end we did the operation, didn’t we?
  • B Pr. Shiratori: 教授の指示だ
    It is the teacher’s instructions
  • C 白鳥先生 : 教授が患者の家族から100万円を受けとったというのは言ったはずだ
    I’m sure to have said you that the professor receives 1 million yen from the patient’s family
    We chopped the body of the old man for no reason other than that million.
  • D Saitou: つまり…これ以上の治療は無駄だ
    So… more than this (the cure) is a waste.
  • E Pr. Shiratori: 保険制度のおかげで患者の支払う医療費は月数万程度だが
    (being done)
  • F その金を国民全員が出し合ってストックした医療費の中から出すんだぞ…
    That money, is taken from the medical expenses contributed and stocked by all the citizens
    You, would like to use the money of the people in the tens of millions of yens for the only purpose of keeping alive for months old people who are hardly at all expected to recover
  • G-1 : 現実の日本の医療費は50兆 15年後には80兆と言われている
    It’s being said that the real medical fees in Japan are 50 trillion, will be 80 trillion 15 years later.
  • G-2 : その金を君はどこからひねりだす…?
    From where would you manage to find that money?

H : Pr. Shiratori: このままでは日本の医療財政は崩壊する…
If the situation continues, the financial situation of medical care in Japan will crumble…
I : 無駄な延命治療は会社悪いだ…:bangbang:
Futile life-prolonging treatment is a society ill.
J : Saitou: だったらなんで手術なんかしたんだ……?
In that case, why did (he) do something like surgery…?
K : 延命治療が社会悪だなんて言い切るくらいなら
To declare that life-prolonging treatment is a society ill is depressing if that’s the case
L : なんで教授の指示には逆らわなかったんだ…!?
Why didn’t he oppose the instructions of the professor?
M : 僕も同じだ……
I am the same
N : 僕も…… 白鳥先生には一言も言い返さなかった……
Me also… I didn’t even retort one word to Pr. Shiratori
O : 患者さんの事なんて考えてなかった…
I didn’t think about the patient…


P : 斉藤:. “これは試練しれんだ”……
Saitou: “This is a test”……
“If you save this person, then you are a full-fledged doctor”……
I was thinking only of myself
Q : 当直の時だって自分の失敗ばかりこだわって
ts the time for the hospital job and
Until that note came, I had completely forgotten that thing about the patient
R : この人の家族は一体どんな気持ちで100万円出したんだ…?
How the hell does that person’s family feel about having paid 1000000 yen?
S : おじさん…
old man…
T : あなたは 生きたいですか?
And you, do you want to live?


U : 夜中の病院には死神が歩く
In the middle of the night, the god of death walks at the hospital
V : 永禄大学付属病院病床数1千100…
At Eiroku university affiliated hospital, there are 1,100 beds…
[W(/t/x/43524/77) : 平均して一晩で二人の人が亡くなる
On average, in one night, out of two people, one person will die.
X : Nurse: 先生大変です‼︎
Doctor, it’s terrible!!
Wake up please doctor!!
Y : 金子さんの容体が急変しました‼︎
There was a sudden change in mister Kaneko’s condition!
Wake up please!
Z : Saitou: 脈がない
There is no pulse

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