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So since im studying with wanikani there is one thing that triggers me, every time i need to write an ん i have to tap it to times, but when im not careful enough, for example at writing(女)おんな i most times end up writing おんあ and because i don’t look at it before i press enter. I know this is not wanikani’s fault, its the Japanese writing system thats just stupid, but here is my suggestion: put a button somewhere on the screen after something is wrong where it undos the mistake.(ofc only when theres that ん thing) I know it could be helpful for future writing on pc but also confusing. Thanks
Or i don’t know maybe it could be detected that you wrote to n’s because if you write one n it would look like おな instead of おんあ


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There’s a script for that…

For example…

@J4n You’ll get used to typing Japanese eventually though.

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Yeah, as others have pointed out, there are a number of third-party scripts you can use which fixes the problem.

But it’s one of those things where the developer should really add the feature themselves. Not everyone uses forums and very few people are familiar with using scripts with their browsers.

The one I use is this:

It allows you to ignore incorrect answers. They won’t count as a pass or a fail, but instead be pushed back and come up again again in the same review (to be clear, without dropping SRS level, and still rising should you get to second attempt right, which you really should unless you have the memory of a goldfish).

I use this all the time. There are tons of times where I give a synonym or a phrase with the same meaning but it doesn’t get accepted. For example, earlier today I put “crazy for” for 夢中, but WK only has the answers “crazy about” and “mad about”. “Crazy for” has exactly the same connotation. There is no way I should be getting a fail and getting the item deranked, clogging up my queue with something I know the meaning of.

This also happens with transitive / intransitive verbs. WK is inconsistent, sometimes using the form “to x something” for transitive verbs, and “to be x’d” for intransitive verbs, but sometimes not using those forms (just “to x”). So using one of those forms could get you a “wrong” answer!! It is plain dumb that one needs to go to forums and learn about / download a third part script to overcome this massive shortcoming of the WK system.


Its more or less my first time with a apple device can i add a script to my ipad ??

No you can’t. All those people recommending scripts when someone asks for useful features always forget that you cannot add script on iPhones or iPads, so these very basic features should be in Wanikani itself, not in third party scripts. For this specific feature I suggest you to install Tsurukame, an app that makes Wanikani experience so much better, and among the other things let you undo typos etc.

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You will have so much fun with the つ and っ…

My advice is to watch what you write and learn to type twice on these cases. For your case, “type NN”. Also, when you need to type the lower case っ just repeat the letter. For example: きって = “KITTE”

I am not using any third party apps or something. I left this issue to my brain to do SRS. After a sufficient duration, I adapted to this situtation and learned to type automatically, without thinking. When I type mistakenly, I recognize error automatically. I think letting my brain to type correct and able to process visual feedback let me to gain an indispensable tool for everyday use.


It was annoying for me to but by now I am used to it. Just give it a bit time and you won’t think about it anymore. You’’ automatically type nn for ん.


Agreed. You eventually learn it and it becomes second nature, the typing system is consistent, if not 100% intuitive (and it mirrors a lot of other Japanese input methods for various devices - it’s not like they came up with it out of some weird concept themselves).

After a bit of introspection, I elected not to use the userscripts that allow double checking and so on. It’s a crutch, and for every honest type I make, I’m pretty sure I’d get a free pass on something I didn’t 100% deserve. Maybe some people out there really are only getting downranks for typos and nothing else, but… I am neither that good at memory, nor that disciplined. I’d rather take some “unfair” downranks and make sure I really know my stuff on the others eh. This is a very long road.

Now if only there was some way of stopping myself typing はしりまわり every time because it sounds good in my brain… Dude, the る is right there on the screen!


I understand not wanting the Double Check, but if you’re doing this on desktop, there is ‘Do You Even Kana’ script, that checks okurigana and such against your answer, and shakes with such mistakes. Very handy, and not really cheating, is it?

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I do the same thing D:


It is a peculiarity you will get used to eventually.

Thanks for all the replies and solutions im gonna try everything out and then choose for the future

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