Anyone annoyed by typos?

I am not blaming anyone, but I just really want to vent out my carelessness somewhere. I just finished my 191 item review and missed out 4 items because of typos ぬ becomes む、る become り and so forth. This are all my mistakes but damn every time I get these kind of mistakes a little bit of me chips off especially if that item was supposed to be Mastered but it got thrown back to Apprentice. I could always feel a small heartache when that happens. How about you what was your most annoying mistake?


Yes! Sometimes i will add an extra letter when giving my English answer and it will mark it wrong. Hatt instead of hat etc. Gets me every time lol but I just use the ignore answer underscript


what is this sorcery? What’s underscript?


My bad did not read it properly hahaha it was “ignore answer underscript” I better start using this I am so prone with typos


I would recommend checking this one out instead of the “ignore anwer” userscript :slight_smile: Use with caution! Misuse of userscripts will fire back at you in the form of burnout.


@IgorTheGreat means to say “userscript”. You can download Tampermonkey on Chrome and then install the following in the order they appear:


Also, if you use the Flaming Durtles app, you can enable the undo button. I have typos for literally 10% of my reviews, so I couldn’t live without it


:musical_note:I cant live with or without you :musical_note:



Only 10%? Teach me your ways!

*curses tired fingers*


I feel your pain! I have a habit of typing only one n to input ん when it is followed by another character, so words like こんや become こにゃ. Super annoying but because of that I think I’ve become more mindful when doing my reviews!


I am not a native English speaker and typing in ロマジ is quite challenging for me.
In my language きゅう is pronounced as “kjű” but I have to write “kzuu” (also the letters “y” and “z” are switched on my keyboard if I change the language). Due to that I always double check whether I messed up something and luckily I detect most of my typos.

Here in Wanikani I don’t have to change to Japanese keyboard but I use KameSame too and there I have to change it. So here I write “kyuu”, there I write “kzuu”.

You must become enlightened in the Way of Paticles.


If you are using Windows, you can change that in the registry:

  1. Open the registry editor (Win+R, enter regedit, press “OK”)
  2. Navigate to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layouts\00000411
  3. Double click on Layout File and change the value from KBDJPN.DLL to KBDHU.DLL (assuming you have a Hungarian keyboard layout – for a German layout you would use KBDGR.DLL)
  4. Restart the PC
  5. Typing Y in the IME should now result in y and Z should result in z


I think while all of those user scripts are fine and dandy, what stood out for me what this

すごい!!! :eyes: That’s insanely good! I mean, redoing 4 items is a drop in the ocean when it comes to reviewing.

So, you’ll probably don’t need any scripts for typos. :sweat_smile: I don’t use them either. And I certainly do more typos than that per review. I do wanna get the Japanese answer correct after all, so I don’t mind failing some reviews for those typos. I’m usually just annoyed by stupid English answers I make (though WK is quite forgiving, thankfully!) :joy:

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Where is that setting? I don’t see it

“Enable advanced settings” then “other advanced settings” then “special button 1 behavior”

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