Fixing common Hiragana typo

I don’t know if there’s a script that can help with this, but I’m finding myself unable to level up 女 within WaniKani, not because I don’t remember how to pronounce the word, or that I don’t remember what it means, but because I keep accidentally typing じぃ, rather than じょ. (Does じぃ even actually exist when writing hiragana?) Given that “i” and “o” are literally right next to each other on a standard QWERTY keyboard, why wouldn’t WaniKani be able to detect that there’s a typo there, like they do with translation?

What can I actually do about this? Is there a script that can help me with this?

There are a few scripts that offer an undo function, yes. I am a bit out of the loop on current scripts, but someone else can recommend one I’m sure.

The reason they accept spelling mistakes in English is because the purpose of WaniKani is not to test your English spelling abilities. So they don’t get strict about your spelling. But learning the correct spelling of the Japanese is one of the primary reasons for using WaniKani.


How are you typing じぃ? In order to get that, you’d have to type something like jixi. Typing ji by mistake would give you じ, not じぃ (not that that helps you much since it’s still wrong). The fastest way to type じょ is jo.

You can use this script to undo wrong answers, but use it with caution. If you use it too much you could completely ruin your learning experience.


I’m typing “jyi” to achieve じぃ. (Both Microsoft’s and Google’s IME does this) Of course, that’s why I added in parentheses asking if it even actually exists… IIRC, “yi” doesn’t even actually exist, right?

じぃ mostly exists as a way to express an extension of the vowel sound. You’ll see things like はぁ or ねぇ relatively often when people are typing in a way that is meant to sound like how people speak.


Gotcha. Definitely no reason for the “y” when typing じ or じょ.


Huh… Will have to keep that in mind. Type “jo” instead of “jyo”. Maybe that will actually make that typo stop happening. :sweat_smile:


If you’re on mobile, Flaming Durtles is a must for things like typos (as well as the insane amount of other functionality it brings to the table; like animated stroke-pattern diagrams and the ability to work on your current-level items first in later levels).

Jo = じょ
Jyo = じょ
Ji = じ
Jyi = じ
Jio = じお
Jyio = じぃお

You’re trying to be overly-literal when typing, it seems. The Japanese じょ doesn’t really have any more of an “i” sound to it than ours does, so there’s no need to specify the added “i”. If anything else, the “j” sound is what’s slightly different. The “y” is also unnecessary when typing, but shouldn’t be what’s causing the typo.

Just use “jo” from now on. It’s honestly the most phonetically accurate, regardless.


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