Japanese Font Depository

I like collecting (free) fonts and now working on my Japanese fonts. I love those!

Please share your favorite fonts with links, thanks!

By @Amimononohitsuji:

By @sergiop

By @Zizka


Which software are you using?

There are some linked at the beginning of the Jitai script thread, and another user down thread compiled a collection of over 70 fonts. I don’t know how you’ll feel about many of these aesthetically, since they were primarily chosen for reading practice, but there is certainly a lot of variety that you might find interesting!


Hum well just .ttf fonts or true type of whatever. Windows supported format.

Thanks but I’m definitely looking for artistic fonts, readability is secondary.

Will check the thread though!

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Many of them are very stylized and difficult to read, haha! They were included for practice specifically because they are difficult.


I’m also curious which font individual members personally like.

Google Noto Sans, it is free.

Ah so you like crisp, readable fonts. Thanks, downloaded.

I don’t know any other Japanese font that is free and usable :sweat_smile:

I love the Paper Mario font. As far as I know you can use it for personal use.

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That’s a plot changer, looking at your Avatar :upside_down_face:

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You can find quite a few good fonts at this website. It’s a Japanse website. It says “download free font” so it’s legit. I think they license fonts to Nintendo.

100 pages of Japanese fonts:

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Idk if this is related, but I like to use these fonts for my comics
新コミック体、 源暎こぶり明朝、オとマのペ


I like the third one, thank you.

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It is a bit off topic, but because it is the font thread and I mentioned Avatar (I don’t even know if this is the correct word for the little image) something funny until I have found another font:

I found this collection of free fonts here:

They are divided in different categories like eg 篆書体, 行書体, ゴシック体, 漫画, ビットマップフォント, 楷書体, ホラー系, かっこいいフォント, かわいいフォント, チョークやクレヨン etc.

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Nice find! I’ll add it in the first message.

I like this one.

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This is my favorite but it does not have many Kanji,

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Thank you! I’ll add it to the first message. Will check it out. That font is beyond cool: