Jitai (字体): The font randomizer that fits

so when you say “before including them in Jitai.”

I have installed for example a font called Eriji, I didn’t like it, so in order to not appear in jitai do I have to do something on script settings or do I have to uninstall it on control panel fonts?

To have Jitai use the font, you have to add it to the script at the top. But finding a font you don’t like while doing reviews is frustrating, because there’s no way to tell which font it is without adding debugging or something to the script.

So I have, in the past, checked each font one by one by installing it and using it in Word or Notepad or something on sample text before adding it to my Jitai script. That process is really tedious, though. So I looked for a way to speed it up. With the website above, you can install a bunch of potential fonts, review them all in one go, and add only the ones you like to Jitai.

Even better would be a way to check the font on sample text without first installing it on my computer, but the only resources I found for doing that were freeware that looked more than a little sketchy.


so in jitai settings, this part of the code which says:

// Add your fonts here!

I add here the name of the font for example



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Yeah, I am also curios. I assumed they’re added automatically once installed… Or at least that was my impression, because the font selection definitely grew when I installed them.

So, my understanding (and the currently installed version of Jitai I’m using) is that there is a bunch of common fonts listed in the script. Those will automatically detect and be used. If you install something outside of that list, you need to manually add it.

I think. That’s just my reading of the script. I haven’t updated it in a long time, since I hacked it to add vertical text. So it’s possible the newer versions have a different feature set.

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So I said screw it and went ahead to compile an updated list of over 70 fonts that I tested one by one to make sure they’re usable fonts, great for practicing.
Lots of them mimic hand written Kanji. Naturally, Armored Lemon had to be included for extra measure.
What’s more, I exported my finished Jitai font list, so you don’t have to input them in one by one like me! If you’re having trouble with that, simply copy and paste them into the ‘add your fonts here’ section. A notepad text version is included for that purpose.
Please enjoy!
Link - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-1pRKEwOmP6IaIW1aJsh0xeCKdQlE164?usp=sharing


each folder has like 3 files including otf or ttf file.

Do I have to install each one of them?

You can choose either OTF or TTF. Or you can install both. The rest is different font types, ranging from very light to bold.

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One thing I’ve noticed that since using Jitai (and it’s admittedly been a fairly short time) my reading capabilities of hand written Kanji have improved tremendously. So I definitely do recommend it if you want to have an easier time reading in general.


i’ve been using jitai for maybe two weeks, and it’s not just the handwritten fonts which are easier to recognise. jitai has allowed me to go from the very legible, but very defined shapes which we learn with default WK to a much more abstract comprehension of the components of the kanji.

reviews do take a little longer, but it’s been a huge upgrade to my learning, and i very strongly recommend jitai to everybody!


Well said. Definitely makes a big difference

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wow, some fonts really make you commit a mistake, I almost did this one :rofl:


I thought it was ゆるす

but guess what


insert scoobydoo removing mask meme here


How can I tell which font is being displayed? I installed too many at once and now I can’t tell which ones I’d like to keep and which ones I would not

Try the link sporadic shared in their post earlier in the thread.

There’s no easy way that I know of, other than going to fonts and testing one by one

You could press F12 to open the browser’s developer tools, and then see it via the method illustrated below!


I’m agree with you. I’ll post the question again.

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Hi, is there a way to usi jitai in other areas of wanikani like the kanji summary or the kanji single page?

thank you.

Is it possible to add a sort of google fonts support into this? It would actually be kinda nice.

If you mean adding custom fonts downloaded from google fonts, that has already been implemented.