Looking for great brush font

im looking for a nice brush font with thicc serifs, and i havent been able to find one anywhere.

here are some examples of what i want the font to look like

the font that https://kanji.jitenon.jp/kanji/051.html uses for their 教科書体 looks pretty good (but i cant find a download link to it)

the main thing i want is nice thicc brush serifs, does anyone know where i can get such a font?


have you checked out freejapanesefont? they might have what you are looking for in the calligraphy or mincho category. though, bear in mind that because they are free, some of the fonts don’t come with all the kanji or kana. :sweat_smile:

i have checked that, and i couldnt find any…

Epson has a collection of free to download fonts that also includes brush fonts. Maybe one of those is closer to what you are looking for.

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these ones (by name) looks to be suitable, but maybe they were seen already:

kaiti (sc/tw)
kouzan brush
xingkai (sc/tw)

(source links were not saved, but presumably they all can be found for downloading)

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The " Hakusyu Kaisho" seems to be a good fit, out of the freejapanesefont selection:

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not full font :frowning:

Damn, that’s one of my favorite fonts. Too bad it’s not fully free.

I guess Nagayama Kai is the next best thing.

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