Font types and recommendations for Jitai

I am talking about Jitai (字体): The font randomizer that fits

The fonts you want to show can be customized in the Userscript, line 21 var fonts = [

Talking about font types, I think there are…

Gothic (a default Mac font)
24 PM
Mincho (a default Mac font)
16 PM
Sans (a default Mac font)
38 PM
Calligraphy fonts Nagayama Kai calligraphy font - Free Japanese Font - Free Japanese Font

Zin Hena Bokuryu - Free Japanese Font - Free Japanese Font

Kouzan semi-cursive brush font - Free Japanese Font - Free Japanese Font

(Stroke order is very important here!)
Fancy fonts Armed Banana - Free Japanese Font - Free Japanese Font

Pixelated fonts フリーで使える!ビットマップフォント86種類のまとめ|まとめの参考書 [sitebook] (forget the stroke order for this one, OK?)
30 PM

And stroke order font
40 PM

I find the font from
Do you have a recommendation for fonts I cannot find?


You are missing digital looking fonts. Like
Digital Looking Fonts

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Wow, some of these fonts are horrible. Are they actually used?

It might be fine after more practice, but the calligraphy fonts are nearly impossible for me to parse. For the pixelated ones (especially that first row), is there actually sufficient resolution to differentiate between complex kanji?


Sufficient space or not, I am learning to read the forth row, just because it really is used.

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All the fonts here are a good idea to be able to read, except for one. I mean, it’s good if you can read it, but whoever came up with the second digital font mentioned by @temporaryuser381 can jump in a well. In a digital world, I would always recommend one copy-pastes any text written like that and changes the font to something sensible, or just refuses to indulge the writer.
The calligraphy fonts, however, are essential because, unfortunately (I guess), some people do write like the less legible ones.

So what are you gonna do when you see someone’s handwriting in books, shops and other places? :thinking:

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I think the second one (GN KillGothic U KanaNA) would be a lot more readable if it’s not so thick/bold.

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Well, fonts are used for styling, and this font only comes in bold versions. Besides i don’t think light version would look so cool. :sunglasses:

If that’s on a coffee shop, I’m skipping my coffee that day. One of the rare occasions I’d completely endorse just walking away. Almost the same reason I’d not bother with Windings.

This font may not be that useful, but it certainly looks cool.


BTW Wingdings is not a font for text, It’s a font to input text based images in your text. So instead of searching the internet for a scale-able, image you can just use wingdings font.

Sure, but that’s kind of my point. At a certain level of deliberate illegibility, it becomes very hard to distinguish between characters and textually insignificant squiggles.

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Zin Hena Bokuryu is broken can someone who has it provide it

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