Is there any way to view the level of progress?

Probably badly worded, so I owe an explanation. So you have the different progress levels, so that’s apprentice, guru, master etc. I also read in the guide that there are 5 levels of these progress levels. Is there any way to view that?

Wanikani Stats does the same as well, you can mouse over an item and see where you are, as well as level times, percentages etc. All you need is an API key, which you can get in your profile

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Are you referring to the SRS level (ie. SRS Level 4 = Guru)? If so I don’t know of any way to browse it normally. If it’s just the items you’re currently studying then this user script is a dashboard alternative to the above.

Additionally, if you like parsing data the API spits it out under the user specific property “srs_numeric”.

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Thanks guys :slight_smile:

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