Is there anything like Dashboard Progress Plus for the levels pages?

I figure I can’t have been the first to ask this, but my search skills are poor :frowning:

I really enjoy [Userscript] Dashboard Progress Plus - #370 by rfindley on the dashboard, and all the extra info. Also the UI is pleasing. But dashboard only shows me the current level and uhhh I have progress to make on the previous one still… Any chance someone’s already applied this to the levels page? Currently I find the information on levels super confusing (why is everything new all the time?)

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You could also try this for your dashboard: [Userscript] Dashboard Level Progress Detail. update to broken script. The UI isn’t quite the same, but it will show you the radical/kanji/vocab progress bars for all the levels that don’t have 90% Guru’d items or have unstarted items.

And I really do mean all the levels…


Hmmm I tried it but I guess I would rather see the characters/radicals. Time to go learn javascript and open framework lol

There’s a script that does the same thing as DPP but for vocabulary, if that helps

Ooh I’m curious, do you have a link?

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Thanks! This also looks like part of the way of what I want. Maybe I can merge them all together…someday… lol

Actually, I didn’t consider this since I never finished it (only made it for myself to begin with), but I have a script which displays all my apprentice items on the dashboard, sorted by SRS level. Might be up your alley.

Colors are different because I use the Breeze Dark theme.


Yooo, that looks very 便利!
Are the items clickable? Does a pop-up appear when you hover over them? Kininarimasu!

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For now I only have this hover info, but I intended to make it a bit more fleshed out


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Wow that looks really legit! If you’re up for sharing, I’d be interested in trying it! I think the programmer part of my brain is determined to do the thing to the levels pages eventually lololol, but in the meantime yours looks like a pretty awesome addition!

Upon your request I have finished the script. Tagging @Redglare for expressed interest

Spiced up the hover info, among other things
image image

Available at: → ShinyFrok ←


wooo so magic! And wow thanks for even polishing it up before sharing.


Omg this is epic! I love it :laughing::heart_eyes:


Apparently, mornings doesn’t exist :rofl:

Kumirei-senpai, you’re epic. Thank you for such good building, and sharing it with us.


Oops. Forgot to account for radicals without a unicode glyph. Will look into that another day


Adding the SVGs when there aren’t actual characters… Yurt is being weird


Anyhow, I fixed svg radicals