[iOS/Android/Windows] Jakeipuu

:warning: This is a third-party script/app and is not created by the WaniKani team. By using this, you understand that it can stop working at any time or be discontinued indefinitely.

I’m not a native English speaker so any grammar or wording corrections are welcome :slight_smile:
It’s a native iOS/Android mobile application for doing lessons and reviews.


(inspired by Tsurukame, Flaming Durtles and Userscripts).

  • Light / Dark mode
  • Kanji stroke order
  • Cherry pick words you want to learn.
  • Undo button to ignore typo.
  • Pull down to skip a review.
  • Options to add synonyms during review and lesson.
  • Various review filter and sorting options.
  • Japanese pronunciation audio for every context sentences.
  • Forecast level up indicator.
  • Review notification
  • Reading practice :new:





Indeed, I see some Thai in those user synonyms :eyes:

Cherry picking is a nice feature!


Is there some meaning to the name Jakeipuu?


It’s Thai pronunciation of Crabigator.

Alligator => ta-kei (people often mispronounce it as ja-kei)
Crab => pū



This looks promising, thank you for sharing!

Some quick first thoughts, noticed the ‘breakdown’ for lessons present the kanji in reverse order and this seems to be consistent through a number of vocab.

I always wished vocab/kanji would present larger in all 3rd party apps. I’m guessing it’s because you have to make room for all vocab to be on a single line. Would gladly trade vocab like 宜しくお願いします for a larger font because there is always wasted space…just a general rant but probably nothing can be done.


Thank you! I’ll fix it next release.

Actually, it’s possible to make them larger except for the long words. I’ll add this to backlog.


This looks great, sadly don’t have any more reviews today to test it out, but I love the lay-out of the interface, the level overview is really clean and useful and the fact that the search results are showing while typing is really handy. All in all it looks really great, thanks for making this!


:confetti_ball: :confetti_ball: Dark mode is now available for Android and iOS.


Very impressive! Can you make a native version for iPad, though? The stretched iPhone screen thing is not very nice, and the keyboard is not the full width ipad keyboard. Also, the keyboard gives suggestions, which needs to be suppressed.

The cherry-picking idea is GREAT. I’ve wanted to be able to prioritize vocab for a long time.

Thank you for your feeback.

The tablet version is currently under development.

There is an option to hide them in setting menu.


Great! Thank you. Wonderful app so far.

How did you manage to hide the suggestions?

The app is written in Flutter. The suggestions can be hidden with combination of enableSuggestions and autocorrect.


One other small request: can you add an option to force readings before meanings during review?

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Oh, I actually was referring to the existing Tsurukame feature of choosing the order of back to back reviews. I set mine to readings first, and got used to it.

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Sure thing.

I downloaded the app (ios) and I love it so far! I have been using Tsurukame until now, but I much prefer the look and feel of your app! The only thing keeping me from uninstalling tsurukame and using your app exclusively is the feature in tsurukame that gives me an estimate on when I will level up next. For example right now it has a section that says “Time remaining: 21h” with a list of all the items in the level and their srs stages. If your app had something similar, I would use it exclusively. For now I will just keep both apps though.


First of all, great work @Pakkapao.
I personally was trying to write app similar to yours but in react native but lack of time killed my productivity :smiley:

One small suggestions, I personally try to keep my reviewues not to be splited during the day so current fixed height review forecast is mostly empty space.

Could it be more flexible on terms of sizing? Like height of longest day in current forecast.

Also just little nit to make toolbar level indicator look like on this forum (gravatar + level in the corner)

Thanks for hard work!


Thank you for your feedback. Let’s keep them both :+1:t2:

There is only this indicator showing when the last required kanji’ll be available for review.
I’m sorry to say but I don’t think I’ll implement more feature on ‘level up’ things.

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I totally agree with you. Thank you! :+1:t2:

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