WaniKani's system of separated meaning/reading cards and the effect on SRS - what are your thoughts on this?

I’ve been using the Jakeipuu app until now, and only recently started doing reviews on my PC.

On Jakeipuu I had set several options early on, including “back to back” cards: first reading, then English. So I went scouting for user scripts to replicate this functionality on the web interface, because this is the only mode that works for me. The default random mess that Wanikani uses hurts my brain. I need to read a kanji, and then by reading it I can understand / remember what it means. Also, by having a fixed order for each card (reading > meaning) I always know when it’s asking for reading and when for meaning, I don’t have to think about it.

I had found Reorder Ultimate 2, but the interface is super confusing, so I didn’t know I needed to click “1x1” to get the back to back cards. Thanks for the tip.