[iOS / Android / Web] Juken - Review App for WaniKani

Hello everyone!

I’d like to share with you all the app that I’ve created: Juken.

I was frustrated with the fact that I have to type in all my answers. I wished WaniKani could work like Anki, in a way that I can just reveal the answer and submit it as correct / incorrect. I was using the amazing Tsurukame app for iOS but it lacked that feature. I was also using the Userscript that does that, but no native solution for mobile (at least in the App Store).

So I decided to make my own app:


It’s free and open source.
You can find all the details / links on Github. I encourage you to check it out because it has everything you need to know about the app in there.

Juken is a universal app, has native support for mobile platforms, supports the web / mobile web, and has PWA support if you’re into that.





I hope Juken helps this community. I’m excited to and collect some feedbacks. Please let me know what you think, and what other features you’d like to see in Juken.



Cool cool cool


Just got a rejection from the App store because “WaniAnki” sounded similar to “WaniKani”… So I was forced to rename the app and rebrand :man_facepalming: I chose the name Juken (ie. 受験) - (Juken.io). Anyway, until I fully transition to Juken, it’ll be a mix of Juken / WaniAnki here and there.

Update: iOS app is live https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/juken/id1513428918


can’t help reading this in the voice of Ahbed from Community.

Also cool, coolcoolcool

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Very nice app. Can’t wait for the expanded features.

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Wow, this looks great! Especially now at lvl 60 WK feels more like a chore and this looks like a great way to do the meager reviews (<100) I do everyday more easily. Furthermore, Tsurukame for iOS doesn’t play nicely with lvl 60 and I won’t need the extra features. Will give it a try.


Had a weird bug with what I think had something to do with the wrap-up mode. I had two cards left and wasn’t able to mark them incorrect; it just kept reappearing. In the end when I swiped right, it marked correct and moved to enlightened, although I had swiped it left multiple times.

EDIT: Finished the rest of the reviews on my PC and then refresh wasn’t working :thinking:

Hmm, what platform do you use the app from ? Also if you’re an iOS or Androind user, is your app up to date? The bug you mentioned was in Android and should’ve been fixed in the latest version. If not, I’ll give it a second look.

iOS. Latest update is showing from the 8th of this month.

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Thank you for making this!!

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Got it! Will take a look ASAP :slight_smile: Thanks for reporting

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Thank you for using it! :slight_smile:

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Okay, first of all, I love this! I was stuck with around 2000 reviews (“forgot” to turn on the vacation mode) and this helped immensely with that!

To be honest, I was going to build an app really similar to this and actually started it at one point but never got around on finishing it. I thought I could share couple of features from my app that I think would make this one even better!

  1. Let the user see what the kanji means in a word after they have seen the meaning for the word. This could be done eg. by having a popup pop up when kanji is pressed in a word.
  2. Option to just breeze through the words/show the meaning just by tapping the card. I know it’s there to prevent accidental answers, but most of the time I’m pressing it only when I’m already sure of my answer. Having instant flip or even the ability to skip the right answer completely by just swiping would be useful as an optional option. Not as default setting.
  3. Practice outside of wanikani reviews. This would mean being able to review just your apprentice/burned by level cards whenever you want. This would actually help the user in studying perspective as eg. I’m sometimes stuck on some word for ages, because I can see it only every n hours or so. Being able to study these outside of wanikani certified ™ hours would make it easier to pass these and level up.

Now of course if you want to keep the app as simple as possible you can disregard everything I wrote above, but i really do love this app and would love to see it develop even further! Good job!

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Wow thank you for this review!

Actually the first one is already under development - well, sort of. After you reveal a card, that reveal button will turn into a “show details” button, which will bring up the page with the meaning / reading mnemonics, hints, example sentences etc in an overlay modal. If you pull it up from, say a meaning review, the readings and other parts will come pre-collapsed (to avoid spoiling upcoming reviews). From here, you’ll get that typical “Kanji’s used in this vocab” section where you’ll be able to navigate to the page of the particular kanji in a word. I included a sneak peek of it below from the web version.

The second one is in the roadmap, and for the third one I was thinking of having the ability start “random reviews from your burned items”, but come to think of it, it’s a good idea to have the ability to create “custom lists” where you add subjects in, and then start review sessions from those lists.

These days it’s been crazy busy with work and other stuff, so I couldn’t have much time to work on Juken. I couldn’t even get to @morteasd’s bug report yet :stuck_out_tongue: But hopefully I’ll be back on track soon :slight_smile:


Wow, looks cool! Regarding the third point, I think one way to do it, apart from the obvious way of letting the user create their own lists with individual items, could be to let the user create the lists by level (1,2,3…), level range (1-10,11-20…) and SRS stage (apprentice, guru…). Then by combining these the user could decide to study, for example, only apprentice at level 10-20.

I’ll see if I can get around messing with the source. Seeing its full JavaScript, contribution should be quite trivial.

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By all means! It’s open source, so all contributions are welcome :slight_smile: Thank you!

I did have some time to look at the codebase and well, already did my first pull request. I added the second point I mentioned, quick reveal, and probably will implement a toggle to skip the answer completely.

It now works by hiding the long press button when the toggle is on and clicking anywhere on the card immediately shows the answer.

EDIT: I went and added the ability to skip the whole view answer part. Both toggles work individually from each others. I added a warning to the menu, because in wrong hands one could just use it to complete everything without learning anything. But eh, even then that’s just their loss. It’s not like Wanikani does have any kind of leaderboards.

Pull request here

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@asutekku Amazing!! I tested both your commits in your PR. Thank you so much! Guess I’ll be needing a “Contributors” section on the Readme now!

I have a few notes, I’ll follow up on them in your PR now :slight_smile: Once these are live, I’ll create a new version with your new features. Again, thank you so much!

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Hello again, I’m not sure if this has been mentioned before (I am currently walking while typing and don’t really want to browse through the thread and bump into a pole) but are there any plans for a feature to reorder reviews back to back reading-meaning or meaning-reading?


Why not! I added it to the roadmap :slight_smile:

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