Native WK app - why isn’t there one?

Hey all!

I think we need to talk.

It’s 2022. WK is the greatest tool for learning kanji that’s ever been created.

But the only way to use it is on the website, or the web app? This doesn’t make sense.

I’m curious to know whether there are any plans for a native app, and if not, what’s the reasoning behind it?

Having a native app would be a total game changer for so many people.

Curious to hear everyone’s thoughts on this.


There was one in beta testing a few years ago. It went back to the drawing board for a bit of a rework over some fundamental issue with how it communicated with the server, and… I haven’t heard anything since.


Probably because there are plenty of third-party apps that accomplish the same thing and are great at doing it. Kamesame for iOS and Flaming Durtles (I think) for Android. No need to waste time and effort building something like that when you’ve already made you API public.


The best iOS app right now, imo, is Tsurukame - but yeah I agree. There really should be a native app. Kind of weird that there isn’t one.

It’s nice that there are third party apps filling the void, but still! A first party app would most certainly be welcome.


I use flaming durtles for android

no complaints, great app

anki mode is great for those like me with fat finger problem :sweat_smile:


Yes Flaming Durtels is awesome, has about any feature you could wish for. I also use Anki mode, I hate typing on my mobile :slight_smile:


If you haven’t yet, try the 12 key flick keyboard style. It’s way easier to type on, especially if you have sausages for fingers like I do


Yes thanks, that works much better but nothing beats typing on my pc with keyboard :slight_smile: And for reviews I really love the Anki mode. On average I have about 200 reviews per day so Anki mode really speeds things up for me.

I use Jakeipuu on iOS and it does what it should :slight_smile:

Nothing wrong with Flaming Durtles. No forums but that’s not a big deal.

There is no point to have a “native” app.

Personally I think Wanikani works just fine on mobile. I couldn’t think of anything that needed changing or that an app would improve.

Tsurukame works when you don’t have an internet connection. It buffers certain things. Wanikani in a mobile browser doesn’t / can’t do that. The main problem for me with Tsurukame is that you can’t change the text size - this is really a problem when you get something wrong and it shows the correct reading in a font smaller than your incorrect reading - I don’t understand that UI choice.

Another thing I don’t like about it is the weird graph that shows how many reviews you have left. I can barely read anything on that graph on my iPhone mini and there’s no way to make it bigger. I also don’t see any way to communicate with the developers.

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Post in the thread here in the forums. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the replies everyone.

The main problem with all these third party solutions is that there is no responsibility on behalf of the developers to keep developing the app and pushing out regular updates.

This is the case with basically every third party solution, and even for flaming durtles you have a bunch of bugs and no way to get a hold of the developer.

There are many situations where a person might not have an internet connection and wants to review, or when you want to take advantage of some native app functionality (like perhaps setting push notification reminders to study) for WK that would make the user experience even better.

I hope the hard working devs for WK get around to making a native app one day; I bet they’d be surprised how many people would switch instantly to mobile.

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