Which flashcard app for extra reviews?

Hi everyone, I started using WK 2 weeks ago and I am currently struggling with the level 3 kanji and vocab, because maybe I did not focus on the lessons enough and now I am confusing some kanji and cant remember the pronunciations.

I would love to do additional reviews in between the official WK reviews. Which app can you recmmend? I am reading a lot about anki, but there are like 10 different apps for android with anki in their names and most of them seem horribly out of date and a pain to set up.

Is there any app that allows to for example import all kanji/vocab of my current level, or maybe even the ones which have a bad review statistics in WK?

If you just want extra reviews of the WaniKani material, I recommend the Self Study script. This will allow you to study items by level, SRS level, etc. within the WaniKani website itself. This is available only for desktop/laptop setup, not a phone, so I’m not sure if that helps you. If you can use that, you can optionally also get Additional Filters, which will give more complex options in Self Study, such as reviewing recent lessons, recently failed reviews, etc.

If you truly want a separate website/app (either because you need something on mobile or you want to be able to do stuff outside of WaniKani), another option is https://kitsun.io. The website pretty much has the flexibility of Anki, but it’s much more user friendly like WaniKani. Right now there’s no app, but I’m told the mobile version of the website works very well. I don’t know of a way to export WaniKani information to that though, so you might have to do it manually.


I use Benkyou to help reinforce the kanji that I learn.


The “real” one is AnkiDroid Flashcards. If you want to do any kind of customizing, building your own decks, etc. I still find it much more convenient to do that on the desktop and then just sync to a mobile device and do reviews there but that is optional.

There are some WaniKani based Anki decks, they usually will have tags per level. You can then suspend all cards in that deck and unsuspend them when you reach a certain level using the tags.

For Anki, there are also a couple of other really nice aspects such as the pre-made core 2k/6k/10k decks, having decks available to review the content of most of the common textbooks, subs2srs decks (my favorite cards are all from my Shirokuma Cafe deck; I just never get bored of them… ).

In general, I really appreciate the ability to be very flexible with how I set up my cards, having a lot of premade content available and having apps on all operating systems that sync with each other and work offline. Also having integrations with a lot of other applications such as https://voracious.app :heart: or creating Anki cards via Yomichan is super helpful.

I know that Anki is not as pretty as other apps and needs some getting used to – I was also hesitant in the beginning. But it is really worth it, imo. An nice way to ease into it is just importing pre-made decks and then if you feel like it, slowly start looking more into the available features.

In case anyone is wondering about buying the iOS app: for me, this was the best price/value purchase I made during my entire 2 years of studying so far. No regrets whatsoever about this one.


Thank you so much guys. Benkyou and the selfstudy script seem to be perfect for my needs. I will def. also look at kitsun.io and anki for making cards for genki vocabulary etc.!

Kitsun even has a Genki deck pre-built for anyone to use. :smile:

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