Yet another assistance app

I recently started with WaniKani and I enjoy it a lot. I also enjoy coding so decided to work on open-source web-app that helps me to review some of the items. It’s not much, just yet another assistance app (like KameSame, but with far less features). If someone is interested to test it and give some feedback I will be very thankful. (or to propose some feature ideas or even make some pull requests).

It is currently available under (I didn’t bother with a good domain yet)
And the code is available on Github: GitHub - gush-labs/kazan: Web-app to help you practice Japanese (WaniKani assistance tool)

Currently it has the following features:

  • Kana typing (like in WaniKani)
  • Font selection
  • No registration required, just WaniKani API token
  • WaniKani vocabulary review by different levels (meaning, reading, translation)
  • Kana review

I’m trying to make it as mobile friendly as possible. Though there are some issues with spellcheck on iOS and review interface is currently not great for interaction on mobile.

If you have any feature ideas I will be happy to implement them, if you have any feedback I will be happy to hear it.


Nice, I just tried it to practice katakana and I liked it!
Maybe a feature suggestion, if I’m wrong let me decide if I want to try again or if I want to see the answer and move on, instead of automatically show me the answer?

Thanks very much for the feedback! Great idea, I will implement that.


  • Adaptive font size for review cards (now cards with long text will not take all screen space)
  • Redesign of the review page (now it’s easier to use on mobile devices)
  • Answers are hidden by default - this can be disabled in the settings (thanks @Akashelia)
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