Include guru+ items in critical condition items?

Hi, so I’m not sure about it but it seems that “critical condition items” are only the ones that were never in guru.
Is there a way to change that, or to have a list of the items that you mess up constantly but managed to raise into guru once ?

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If you want to know more about which items you struggle with, you can use the Item Inspector script to list your leeches. It’s constantly keeping track on items you answer wrong on multiple occasions (upgrading, downgrading them in a list). Unlike the critical condition items this is regardless on where those items have been in the SRS (in comparison, the WK list only keeps track on newly learnt items, so until they’re guru’d).

Using the Self-Study Quiz as an extension to the Item Inspector, also allows you to quiz yourself on those problem items specifically and get some cramming done. :slight_smile:

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