Critical condition items aren't useful to me

The only items I see in critical condition are new items I got wrong on the first or second review. This isn’t very useful for me as those items will be in the review queue very quickly.
I would much rather have a list of items I got wrong many times, regardless of percentages. If I consistently get an item wrong after 5 reviews, right now it will never show up in critical condition.
I think it’d be better to not take into account both reading and meaning together when calculating whether or not an item is in critical condition. Sometimes I have trouble with just one aspect of an item.
I feel like I’ve accumulated many items that don’t “stick” even after getting them right 4-6 times in a row. These items bounce between Apprentice and Guru. It’d be very useful to me if there was an easy way to view and review/do the lessons for these items.


You can self study your leeches with these scripts (leeches are those items that bounce between apprentice and guru that don’t stick).

I agree that I also never have critical condition items stick in the category for that long unless they’re new. However, my husband who is relatively new to WK has items in there all the time - but he’ll be stuck in review sessions getting the same item wrong ten times in a row.

Perhaps a script like this would be better for you since it would show your leeches directly on the dashboard?