Critical Condition Items... how do you use the list?

I’m on level 2, and while I understand and appreciate WaniKani’s SRS, I so wish I could help improve my reviews which range from 50-75%. I see the Critical Condition Items and wonder how I might use that list to help me. If you use it, what do you do, and how does it help you? I’ve thought about making flash cards from them, for example.


This list is pretty much useless for me. I prefer to use the list of Leeches and the list of Recently Failed Reviews provided by Item Inspector. Both lists display more relevant items than the Critical Condition list. You also have features not available with Critical Conditions list.

  • You may go over these lists reciting meaning and reading aloud and the check the answers by moving the mouse over the item. This causes a popup with the correct answers to show up.
  • You may trigger the Self study Quiz to quiz you on the items in both list using computer generated flash cards.
  • You can use the Leech Training Emulation to inject visually similar items in both lists to pepper up your training.

Just to be clear, Item Inspector is a userscript I wrote to help me with my studies. The installation instructions are available at the link I provided.


I’ve been using the Flaming Durtles app on my (android) phone and not only does it link to your WK account to keep your reviews and lessons updated, it will set up self-study reviews that you can personalize in different ways. It’s very helpful for hitting the items that you have been getting wrong, and I highly recommend it (though I’m only level 8 and I’m not reading or doing anything other than WK/Flaming Durtles/Duolingo, so my range for comparison is limited).

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Never used Critical Condition list. I think it’s pretty useless. It was almost empty for most of the time and when it had items it showed primarily new items that I was getting wrong. I know I don’t know them yet… But that’s the point of srs, I will learn them over time.

What the list doesn’t show are the actual items I know poorly and get wrong once in a while - the leeches.


Had two items at level 1 or 2, never had any since … @prouleau suggestion is better.

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Another vote for useless. Items inevitably get put on there when they’re brand new and I’ve missed them one time out of two, or something like that. That’s normal and meaningless.

But in concept, what I WOULD do with that information is drill them in between reviews. Which is why I have the Leech Tables script and the Self Study Quiz. SSQ I can explicitly review only my worst ones, and Leech Tables puts them in my face even when I’m not doing a dedicated review on them. Every time I look at the front page of WaniKani, I scan that list and mentally make sure I can think of the meaning and reading. It only takes a few seconds, and if I can’t, I open that item’s page and read it.

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Hi everyone, thanks very much for your thoughts and suggestions. I am so new I don’t know how to access scripts and things like the SSQ. I imagine there’s some documentation on this… somewhere? :slight_smile:

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Note, to do leech quizzes, you’ll need the “additional filters” described in the article

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Thank you very much!!! :grinning: