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How big are your critical items lists usually? I was reading through the secret Painful Topic in Campfire and people said they were impressed that their critical items lists were less than a page. I was kind of worried because my list is only a few items at any given moment, so is it going to get worse the farther I go?

Frankly, WaniKani’s critical item algorithm is incredibly simplistic, and I don’t think it’s worth thinking about. Getting your first review for something wrong even puts it on the critical list, which never made sense to me. If you really want to track something, I’d look at leeches, which you can read up on plenty with a forum search if you’re curious. But honestly, I just wouldn’t worry about this kind of thing unless and until you start struggling.


My critical items list is usually just items from lessons I recently did and didn’t get right the first couple reviews. I never really paid attention to it either.


For me it’s usually just the items I recently did lessons for that didn’t really stick. It fills near the start of a level then goes empty at the end.

WK defines a critical item as any apprentice item below a certain accuracy, so it’s not that useful. It’s mostly going to be newly learned items.

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If you want to keep track of your leeches I suggest the script that I wrote, Item Inspector.

That looks good, I’ll check it out. And thanks for the helpful answers everyone.

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