Do I have too many critical condition items?

I’ve been doing my reviews but progress has been taking a dive, I checked and turns out I have 96 critical items ranging from 42% to 74%… やばいね?

I have that self-study quiz script, are there any “critical condtion” filters for it? I need some way of shaping up.

P.S. I think my sleep schedule and lack of reading supplementary material is catching up on me…


I don’t know what the average is for people, but that sounds like a lot for level 17.

Usually I only have at most one or two of them which are items that I only just learned recently so a single wrong review can mark them critical.


How many apprentice do you have in total ?

You mean the Self-Study Quiz script? I has no critical condition filter as far as I can tell. You may try what you can do with the ‘Leech Training’ filter. You may also try the ‘Failed Last Review’ filter. These filters should catch most critical conditions items. You need the additional filter script to have those.


Sounds like you already knew your answer.

Critical items are basically items you’re still on the Lesson for. Items you get wrong enough that you can’t get out of Apprentice. I wouldn’t do any more regular lessons until you’ve tightened up your criticals.

I don’t know about others but I never had more than maybe 5-10 critical items. My overall accuracy isn’t that great (89%) so I don’t think I’m a shining student or anything.


You’ve got almost 250 apprentice items. You may want to hold off on lessons and bring that down to around 100.


I have found keeping the apprentice items under 100 helps, too - even if there are “just a few more” before all your lessons are done. I got as far as level 25 before resetting (back on 16 now - much slower pace but much steadier/better learning). Every so often you’ll “oops” on a Guru 1 and they’re back to apprentice, too, so this gives you some slack.

My accuracy on the first runs was around 65-70%. Once I reset I’m usually 85-90%. I’m sure a lot of it was the first pass, but I’ve solidified some stuff, and I recognize radicals much better than the first time around.

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