Shouldn't there be a list of mistaken word like critical condition items?

As the topic suggests.

Wanikani has the list of critical condition items listed out on the dashboard.
However, I also wish that there is a list of words that we didn’t pass/get the correct answer after Guru.
I had a situation where the review item is in “Master” status and are about to go to “Enlightened”. But I answered incorrectly and the item becomes “Guru”. I noticed that the specific item took too long to be reviewed, and I get it wrong… again.
Wouldnt it be much better if there was a list in the dashboard that mentions the incorrect answer we made?

Sometimes I also wish items that are “master” go back to “apprentice” in order for me to get used to the words. What do you guys think? Or what does the Wanikani moderator think about this?

If you install srs level progress script it will show you these items. They are called leeches.

oh man. didn’t realize that… ok I’ll give it a try. guess my topic is solved then.

Btw this script wouldn’t allow any advanced item to go back to earlier srs level bcz WK does not have a API for that. But if you get an item wrong multiple times, even in a single review session, it will be downgraded multiple levels .

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