I can't find the Japanese note types in Anki

After a bunch of time away, I’m getting back to learning to read Japanese. I went to set up the Japanese support in Anki, and no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get the new note types to show up. I’m running on Windows 10, and installed Anki version 2.0.48, both as an upgrade from an unknown previous version, and as a re-install after completely uninstalling. I also deleted the Japanese Support add-on and re-installed it. Still no luck.

What am I missing?

I don’t know the best place for this question but I’m pretty sure that this is not the right place since it is a subforum of the “WaniKani” area. I’m moving it to the resources area, I hope that is the right one.

That being said, I didn’t look this up right now but as far as I remember and based on my own setup: there is no Japanese note type. Your note type just has to have the word “Japanese” in it. I have e.g. “Japanese: Basic”, “Japanese. Core”, etc. as note types and it works fine.

Edit: here is the documentation: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/3918629684

  • Ensure the note type contains “Japanese” in its name, eg “My Textbook Japanese”
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Not entirely sure I know what you mean. So first go here at the top and select add

After that just select the deck you want and the note type. It will give you a selection, one of which should be japanese. I believe adding decks can also add note types if that deck has a special one made.

Personally I dont even use this but you can select japanese and itll look like this

Fill in the fields and select add.

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If you are talking about Add-ons: Japanese Support. The word “Japanese” is required to be in Note Type’s name.
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Japanese Support is required for an immensely useful add-on: Japanese Pronunciation / Pitch Accent; thread Pitch-Accent Awareness Corner These are additional requirements:

Another add-on I recommend is AwesomeTTS, but this doesn’t require Japanese Support.

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@irrelephant: Thanks for putting this in the right place! The link you shared is exactly what I was looking at. But, I was looking at the bit that says, “This add-on provides three note types.” When I open up the “Manage Note Types” dialog, or the “Choose Note Type,” all I get are the three “Basic” variants, and “Cloze.” None of the Japanese-specific ones.

I thought the plugin would create those for me. Does this mean I have to create them myself?

You have to rename the Note Type; or create a new one. To go beyond Basics in Anki, you should learn to create Note Type and Field, anyway.

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Bummer. Ah, well – as you say, I’ll be better served by digging deeper into Anki, regardless.



It might be a bit annoying now that you have to create the note types yourself but the advantage is that you can create as many Japanese note types as you want. I don’t know if that is normal or whether I’m overdoing it but I have at least 10 different note types for different use cases and I’m glad I have that flexibility.

Maybe you want to start by importing an existing deck, e.g. one of the core decks or some simpler shared deck, e.g. a Genki deck? That will also import their note types and you can learn some of the details by looking at how those decks, cards and notes are set up.

Aha! I found what I was looking for!

The Japanese support add-on doesn’t automatically add note types, but it does add model note types. So, when I open up the “Manage Note Types” dialog, there’s nothing about Japanese. But, when I hit that dialog’s “Add” button, there are the models.

That gets me to a much better starting point than building up completely from scratch.

That’s again for all your help, everyone!

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