Anki Deck for English-Japanese Vocab

I’m a level 30 on WaniKani now and although my recognition is great whenever I see kanji, I’m not able to recall the vocabulary in conversations when I don’t have kanji to look at. This is my major challenge. I decided to use Anki which seems great and I found some decks on there for Japanese vocabulary but they all seem to be ones where you have to look at the kanji and come up with the meaning in English. If anyone knows any Anki decks where you rather look at the English word and then have to come up with or remember the Japanese word/kanji, could you kindly show me that deck? Thanks in advance!

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You can just flip the deck. I think by using the change note type function and flipping card 1 to card 2 and vice versa.

Or you can export the deck, change the columns in excel and import that deck back in.

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Ooh the excel suggestion sounds great. I’ll try that. Thanks!

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