Help finding common Kana-only Anki deck

Help I just can´t find a good common kana-only Anki deck. I found a good one while looking through some old WaniKani posts but it was only a demo, but it had all the features I was looking for namely: Japanese to English questions whit multiple choice answers, can´t find it again was posted by some one with a polar-bear avatar. the name of the deck was “Anki WK(Demo)” I think.
All other decks I have found have been either listening comprehension, English to Japanese or whit only the default Anki interface that puts me to sleep.
So if anyone can give a link to the complete version of the Demo deck (if there is one) or recommend another good one I would be very grateful. Also please not a too large deck, I have limited study time.
Alternatives to Anki is also welcome.

As always sorry if my Dyslexia made a mess of any of what I try to write.

You should look into “Change Note Types” or editing the template

Normally, is a go-to. You might choose to study only Kana Set01, Set02, Set03, for example… and Suspend the rest.

I am relay not interested in fielding around whit Anki so if there is no ready to go deck I will most likely try something else but will consider your solution if all else fails

could that be @crihak?

Was it this one perhaps? [Anki Deck Template] WK Anki, Crihak's Flavor

ohh sorry didn’t notice I got a reply I am not on the forum section so frequently.
But yes that is the one, So is there a full version or is it up to me to do all the fiddling around whit Anki that I have exceedingly little interest in doing?

You should just need to import the core6k / core6k kana csv files i linked to. Then it should contain all the cards.

Just be sure to use the kana only note type for the kana csv file.

OK now it worked better than last time but I am still doing something wrong I want the Japanese to English whit multiple-choice answers layout and I only get the standard English to Japanese :frowning:
This is most likely just Me not having any idea what I am doing so will read some instructions on how to do Anki magic and see if I can get it right eventually.
There was no 6K deck only 10K but that is OK.

Good that you got ot working :slight_smile:

The Core10K is just the Core6k that someone added 4000 extra words to, so you’re not missing anything compared to just the Core6K.

you are to fast check my edit
(föresten var inte du svensk? If you can’t read that ignor it)

Now I think I see the problem I downloaded a .apkg file and not a .csv

(Jag är mycket riktigt svensk :slight_smile: Though, I’ll continue in english in case somebody else finds this useful)

What you need to do it first download the WK Anki Demo .apkg file. This will contain the look of the cards themselves.

If you go file->import and import these, you should have them set up with the DEMO deck. You can rename this to something sensible if you want.

Secondly you need to put actual data into them, you do this by downloading the .csv files containing (in your case) the Kana-Only Core .csv file.

You import this too using file->import and then select the .csv file this time.

The only two fields you need to change in the resulting dialog are the topmost “Type” and “Deck”.

  • For Type, you need to select the “WK Kana” or similar (can’t recall exactly what I called it) note type.
  • For Deck, you need to select the name of the deck to put all this in. I.e. “DEMO” or whatever you changed it into.

Now the core kana-only vocab should be added to that deck.

I did write in the original post how to enable and disable various features (including the multiple choice questions), so check that out as well.

OK now I finally see what I did wrong, I was expecting It all to end up in the Kana sub group but all ended up in de main DEMO section. So now I think it works as intended.


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