Need help making Ankiweb Anki deck that shows kanji

I’m planning to run a book club in the fall, v and I’m pre-reading and starting an Anki deck, and I have a couple of questions

  1. I am using Ankiweb/ ankidroid because that came highest recommended for Android phones.
  2. can I export my ankidecks to a file that could be converted to a Google spreadsheet?
  3. I noticed a “Japanese” card type, which sounded useful, as it has fields for the meaning and reading, as well as the word (kanji), but when I use it, it replaced all the kanji with kana (phone) or romaji (computer). Does anyone know how to get the kanji to show up?

Not sure if you can do it on Droid or Web, but it’s possible to export as CSV on desktop.

I think you might have to provide some more info on this one. Anki doesn’t just change things on its own


It was mysterious: I had already created the card, and then noticed “Japanese” in the drop down card type menu, so I selected it. It added a third data entry window for pronunciation, so I added that. But from then on, it showed hiragana instead of Kanji, even though it had shown janji before. I head used the card before, and can confirm that it actually showed kanji. It did the same thing if I created a new “Japanese” card from scratch. Anyway, I’m skipping it, and making two cards for every word, sorry of like Wanikani does.

Sounds like the Japanese note type had cards displaying the pronunciation rather than kanji. You should be able to just edit the card and change the field being displayed

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