Slow and steady apparently wins the race!

I started my WaniKani journey back in October last year :slight_smile: YAY! and I am very much enjoying it. during Jan/Feb I did no lessons, and maybe the odd review but got back into the swing of things in March and powering ahead now :)…
I am not great at memorising things but feel like I am making steady progress with levelling up and getting ok percentages in my reviews… well I thought so anyway…
As far as I can tell people on average start burning items around level 10-15… but I burnt my first item at the beginning of level 7! I am now on level 8 and have 29 items burnt!..does this mean I really am going extremely slow at progressing through the levels?
Is it me?
Will I ever see lvl 60?
I both feel like I am making progress but really am not :sweat_smile::joy:
oh well I shall power on! :v::muscle::+1:

14 Likes can give you estimates by what time you’ll reach certain milestones.

Personally I’d say you’re on the slower side of things since you seem to be progressing at roughly one month per level.
That in itself doesn’t mean its good or bad though, it really depends on how fast you want to go.


Hey I am experiencing the same as you, already have burned 30 items at currently level 7 and also started around October/November last Year.
But that’s mainly because I lost my motivation in February and March after 400 reviews and 100 lessons piled up while I was sick :sweat_smile:
But now I am back on track, still slow as hell but I figure better to be slow and continuing instead of giving up again.

So go mate! You and me will get to 60 I am sure :wink:

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Congrats on the burns!

You are making progress! If you’re going at a pace that works for you, don’t bother making comparisons with the faster users.

I had my first burns at level 6 because I had taken a months-long break from lessons. (Currently leveling up about every 20 days.) The nice thing that I’ve found with a slower pace is that when burn reviews come up it’s not a huge overwhelming bunch.

:turtle: :muscle:


You will take years to learn Japanese anyway so it’s not a problem. Just make sure you practice Japanese everyday. Even 5 mins will be enough. Consistency beats intensity any day!


The only progress that matters is your progress. I have been using WK since January 2016. Three years later I am on level 46 with 5048 burned. According to the WK Stats I will be all burned at my current pace in October 2020. That will put me at over 4 1/2 years. Sure some people do it faster but who cares.


As long as you make steady progress the speed is irrelevant, you’re going to reach 60 eventually :slight_smile: I’ve been here since 2014 and only recently got to 60. I’m sure there’s plenty of similar stories around here. :slight_smile:


It’s a race to the cake but there are unlimited number of cakes.


Everyone has different speeds! As long as you’re really learning and understanding the kanji, it doesn’t matter how long it takes :smiley: It took me over two years to get to level 8 haha


I’m averaging about 20 days per level and I’m still here, slow and steady. You’ll get there too.


Seems no matter the discipline, mastering the fundamentals is paramount so best to keep tempering that sword. Many are too fast because 1) early material is boring 2) it doesn’t feel like progress 3) impatience (I know I’ve been guilty of this). In fact, if one is getting bored of what they are reading, it’s a good sign you are learning it and time to push forward and build. For those who need extra time on N5 material, I think it is perfectly reasonable as this is the most frequent aspect of the language or at least build towards your next step (best to do it correctly).


Thanks! apparently i spent 3 months on level 5 :joy:. I did not know you could look at the stats! once i picked it up again i have got to level 8 quite quickly so hopefully things start to pick up :smiley:

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The stats could give you some estimates. But if you’re too slow, it can also discourage you. For example if it says (based on your average speed) that you’ll finish WK in the 22nd century, it can feel deflating.


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