100% Burn?

I’m under no illusions about this, but precisely how much of an extremely long time would burning all of WK’s current item list probably take?


Six months after reaching level 60, barring any errors made. Assuming they don’t continue adding new items.


The devil is in the details with this one. XD

Honestly, it takes everything from 1-2+ years is the picture I’ve gotten from people who are still doing their reviews.

But, I also think that most people don’t try for 100% as it serves no real purpose beyond appeasing the completionist in you. :sweat_smile:

Thinking some more on it. but if it takes you 1 year to reach lv 60 and then take a couple more to reach 100% burn, then I’m pretty sure you would have been better off doing reviews from time to time of already burnt items, than trying to burn your last leeches.

Because you will forget some burnt items, that’s just how it is. So, some revisiting of learnt material is needed from time to time.


Users with 100% Burn will get a WaniKani t-shirt that has been worn by Koichi for 24 hours nonstop


Mmmm, smells like victory? :sweat_smile:


I’ve been going without stopping for 4 years straight, hit 60 about 1.5 years in, haven’t especially changed how I do Wanikani (i.e. still mostly don’t cheat the reviews on leeches), and I currently have:

Which is mostly (but not entirely! I don’t think anyway…) made up of stuff they added in the last year.

So, unless you stop doing lessons as they’re added, and start looking words up before answering the review to make sure you burn them, it will likely take longer to reach 100% burned from 60 than it did 60 from 0. (if it ever happens)
If you do do those things, I’m sure it can go quicker, but honestly – it’s a pointless exercise either way, as by the time you get close Wanikani will not be useful anymore whatsoever and if you want to keep progressing you should definitely be reading (and also likely using another SRS - the sea of Wanikani items has 100% been supplanted, and then some, by my anki deck).

So I figure, might as well go the stubborn route.
It’s really no skin off my back to do the handful of reviews per week at this point.
… and I never did do a level 60 post so it’s just a reason to put that off longer…


My dog would love that t-shirt then. :smiley:

I also won’t be burning it all. I believe you or someone else said in another thread that getting items to Enlightened is a good idea. This I find sage advice and intend to follow it.


You can catch a glimpse of Koichi’s doggo here:


Thanks for the dog head’s up - that looked like he’s got quite the run of the place :slight_smile: I also didn’t know Koichi had such a spacious office - wow.


One square foot for each kanji!





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