Anyone else on level 60 waiting to burn everything down?

Hello all,

I’m on level 60 and have no lessons remaining, but am still quite a bit away from completing Wani Kani since I still need to burn everything, including my bitter nemesis the leech 入所。

Believe it or not, I took my last set of lessons on 10/16/2018. This is excluding the additional content lessons which I have taken as they were added. I was a member of team taking it slow, so my items are pretty much spread out in the queues time-wise. I originally thought I would burn everything this year, but now I am guessing it will not be until 2021. It will be interesting to see what my last burned item will be.

Currently I have around 10-25 reviews a day, and my queues look like this:

Apprentice: 0
Guru: 58
Master: 84
Enlightened: 271
Burned: 8485

Is anyone else in a similar situation? Finished with lessons, but still burning away?


I’m getting to 60 in a few days and then plan to finish my last lessons in a week or so. Will probably continue doing WK for a few months afterwards, perhaps after unburing some items I forgot.

However, I don’t have a goal to burn everything. I plan to spend my WK time to reading from.


There was this nice thread recently:

Seems to be private.

Yes, you need to be level 60 to see it. That’s not an issue for OP though.

To answer the original question, sure, I’m also burning everything. In fact, I had burned everything until the recent addition of items. My item distribution is 0/0/2/17/8879
I basically have ~0 review per day :sweat_smile:



Before the recent adding of items, I had 3 items left to burn I believe. This is how it currently looks like :slight_smile:


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