One of my userscripts isn't working

So, I have seven userscripts (dashboard progress plus, ultimate timeline, level duration 2, heatmap, level-up celebrator, open framework, and real numbers). When I go to the community page or my dashboard, all seven appear active, as shown by the tampermonkey red box number. However, once I get into my reviews or lessons, dashboard progress plus stops working, which had always been so helpful for me to get through large piles while still feeling like I had some control.

It stopped working about a week ago, and I’ve tried several times removing the app and reinstalling all of the scripts, but nothing seems to work. What should I do?

Just a blind guess, but maybe the author accidentally removed an @match or @include clause (or altered a regular expression which then doesn’t match the dashboard anymore) when they updated their script to work on the preview dashboard. Go to tampermonkey → Overview and edit the script in question. Make sure the following lines are both there at the very top (the commented-out section that also stores version info):

// @include WaniKani — Log in
// @include

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The user named “match” is going to be surprised when they get notified of being tagged in this thread despite never having posted before! :slight_smile:


It looks like this:

Should I just type out @match at the top? It does have an @include clause, though. Are both necessary? Sorry if these questions are elementary-- I’m just very out of my area of understanding here!

That looks fine on a glance, although I’d try just quickly adding the two lines in my post in addition. If that doesn’t fix it, its definitely not a regex issue or something like that

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I once mentioned a user just minutes after they joined. Their name was WeraWolf and their first action was like one of my posts. Since we were playing a Werewolf forum game I thought it would be fun to mention them, and only afterwards noticed that they just joined.