Not getting new lessons since using scripts and Tampermonkey

Hi all - Please be kind as I’ve never used scripts before. I installed Tampermonkey and the Double-check and Self-study scripts, both of which I really liked at first. But it’s been a couple of days, and I’ve only gotten reviews and no new items. I’m on level 36. I turned off the scripts and still, no new lessons, and nowhere near the number of reviews I’m used to. I’m using Firefox. Any suggestions? Thank you!

Hey there!

I think it’s not possible for scripts to affect your review timings or lesson unlocks in a persistent way. So, even if they were causing any weird behavior, uninstalling them should have fixed it.

Do you know the ‘Level 36 Progress’ section on the dashboard? Try keeping an eye on the items there and getting them all to green, see if you get new lessons then. You can mouse over each item to see its next review time to confirm that things are working correctly.

Review amounts definitely ebb and flow over time naturally, maybe that’s what’s happening here?

So, the section where I would normally see my progress, such as when I’ll next see an item, is totally missing. Very strange! I’m going to try to reset to level 36. Fingers crossed!
Thank you so much for your reply!


That is indeed strange. Maybe try (1) refreshing the page, (2) logging out and back in again, (3) a different browser or different device?

I reset to the level I’m on (36) and am trying again. But I can see I’ve got the same 56 lessons I had before. If this doesn’t work, I’ll have to reset again and give up on the scripts. Bummer!

Maybe talk to WaniKani support? They have access to your account so they can probably give more help than we forumgoers can. I hope you can solve this without resetting!

Okay, thanks! I wasn’t sure if WaniKani support would be able to help with third-party apps, but it’s worth a try!