Critical Condition Items blockade

I have some items that I just can’t get out of critical. I lived in Japan 25 years ago and learnt a bit there, so the lower levels have been a little easy on me. I’m still only halfway through level 2. But there are some that will not stick.

I was thinking about getting some sort of card deck to export my critical condition list, but I read in the FAQ that studying outside of the system might be detrimental rather than helpful?

Have other people got horror stories of Kanji that just will not escape a CCI trap/mental blockade?

Studying items you are having trouble with outside of WaniKani is perfectly fine and can be helpful.

You can also use the Self Study script with Additional Filters if you don’t want to bother exporting things. It can be used to study “leeches” (items you keep getting wrong).


There were certain vocab words that I had to study outside of WK due to its SRS not being enough (mostly the irregular counters). So if you want to do that, I’d say it’s perfectly fine. The main thing is that you don’t want to study just before a review is coming up and wrongfully advance an item to Master, Enlightened, or Burned if you didn’t truly know it.


Thank you @seanblue. Having now installed all four (tampermonkey, WKOF, Self Study and Additional Filters) I’m not sure how to access the Leeches? I’ve clicked all the buttons but nothing is obvious. Within the filters settings I’ve turned all of the non leech options off. But within the self-study quiz I don’t see anything that refers to leeches. And I don’t see anything else added to the interface that would suggest the ability to study my leeches?

The documentation also isn’t clear on what I should be looking for within the WK interface?

You don’t need to turn any of the Additional Filters off in its settings. Open the Self Study Quiz from the main menu. Then open its settings and in that popup go to the second tab (I don’t remember what it’s called). From there you can click the “New” button and scroll down until you see the leeches filter. Click the checkbox so it is turned on and just leave it as the default value of 1. Now you should only be quizzed on your leeches. If any of that isn’t clear you can also ask rfindley to help you out more since he created the Self Study Quiz.


Bingo. Thanks @seanblue.

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