Normal to have a critical list full of Vocab?

So, it’s been around three weeks since I started WK and I notice that my ‘critical condition’ list is almost always vocabulary items between 50-75%. (10-15 items)

Is this a normal thing to have or do you even not have a ‘critical’ list at all?

Well, it is not “normal”. However in my experience, I don’t feel like the formula that Wanikani uses to figure out those critical items is good. I remember having some critical items at the beginning because it’s easy to have a 50% accuracy on an item you only reviewed twice.

I suggest installing this script, as I feel like the formula is more accurate.

At the end of the day, don’t worry too much. Make sure to give a review to the items you get wrong after your review sessions. If these so called leeches (check the script’s page to get what I mean) start becoming too much, install these 2 scripts:


Exactly. Also I think Wall of Shame shouldn’t include current level items for this same reason


Apart from current-level items, my critical list is nearly always various vocab. I think it’s normal enough.

In my case it’s usually for these two reasons:

First, when I first learn a kanji, I only learn the one reading that WK presents to me, and I often don’t even know at that time whether it’s the onyomi or the kunyomi. The other readings I only encounter when they happen to show up in vocab. That trips me up a lot.

Second, when I get verb vocab, there are often multiple variations that look and/or sound alike, for example transitive and intransitive verbs based off of the same kanji. This takes a while to settle as well, especially since I haven’t started any meaningful grammar lessons yet.

My advice; don’t worry about it as long as reviewing those vocab gets easier over time and they don’t stay stuck at apprentice forever.


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