Book One Chapter 3: 青豆:変更されたいくつかの事実 Haruki Murakami's 1Q84


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Book One Chapter 3: 青豆:変更されたいくつかの事実 Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84
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Warnings (read please!)

This story contains themes of an adult and/or sensitive nature, including cults, sex, murder, and sexual abuse of children, both mentioned, and graphic (though not until Book 2, in the latter case).

Our character's journey so far. 青豆

Aomame is in a surprisingly high end taxi, listening to a classical music piece she mysteriously knows the origins of. She has an important meeting with someone, but the traffic jam threatens to make her late. At the advice of the taxi driver she decides to take the emergency stairs to street level. That is where we left her.

I will have to leave my attempt at translating the chapter title for later, since I made plans this evening.

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So… Up to which point have you read? @Saida @Lyamam @Hijiki @Kyayna

I haven’t read this chapter yet, but the thread is scarily empty. :scream:



I read to somewhere in the second chapter :sweat_smile: I’m glad you’re catching up! It’s giving me some motivation to get some reading done myself. But at the same time I’m trying to study for N1, and I got some new books from friends as well, but those are just excuses. I should get up to speed on Murakami first, and only then maybe add in another book to read.


Uhuh, let me know how that works out for you. :eyes: I’m very weak to new books (book clubs especially).

I’m finishing up chapter 2 as well. I’ll finish that this week (only 10 pages to go!) and then read some re zero before starting on chapter 3 sometime next week.

I also want to start studying for n1 next month. 頑張らなきゃね :muscle:

I wonder how the 3 people who voted reading along for this week are doing. :eyes:


I just checked and I’m apparently somewhere in chapter 4? I’m very confused and have no memory of reading all of that though so who even knows at this point :woman_shrugging: :joy:

I will say though that I’ve been super busy and haven’t had a single day without work for soon to be 3 weeks now, so I’m just generally struggling to keep track of what’s going on, let alone where I’m reading to :sweat_smile:

Also I realised I don’t particularly enjoy reading this, but that may just be because it generally takes me a while to get into mirakami books and with my reading being slower in Japanese it might just take longer for me to get to that point :thinking:


It’s really nice to see someone reviving these threads and I’m amazed to see how fast you’re catching up😊.

For me, this is probably the last chapter I read at a faster pace, I slowed down from chapter 4 onwards since I had some other important stuff I needed to take care of.

I haven’t really felt the need to comment on the contents because there’s something odd about 青豆 and I can’t really figure out what; it might be because she seems to be playing a role and I can’t trace the line between her own thoughts and feelings and those imposed by her job. But when I read her chapters more slowly this feeling also subdues and she becomes more likeable. That’s what I did for chapter 5 (I noticed there was a missing thread, but I suppose this would be the one to read in the next couple of weeks if we went with the initial schedule?). I guess I just want the writer to linger more on her motivation and thought process, as he does for the other character, whose chapters I have found a lot more enjoyable.

But so far it still seems like I’m reading two books at the same time😅.


I hope you’ve been able to rest this last week! :scream:

There is! Who is she meeting in that hotel that she needs to prepare so meticulously for? What ‘job’ is she referring to? Why does she know so much about weapons, and pay such attention to police - what does she need to face this with 無慈悲さ?

Also what is with that police man?

I still haven’t finished the chapter, so some of these questions may yet be answered within the chapter. I am on page 84, she just finished her prep in the bathroom.

This is all very mysterious and I have so many questions. It doesn’t help that she’s so matter of fact about it all! That said I really enjoyed her journey down the stairs and search of the 置き場. Very detective like! :smiley:

Language wise, so far this has been much easier again than chapter 2. :sweat_smile:


As you have guessed, you’ll find out most of the details about what her actual mission is by the end of the chapter😉 and there’s a great contrast between how distracted she could be during the ‘descent’ and how precise and professional she becomes when she finally gets her feet on steady ground and performs a job that seems to be her specialty.

The only unsolved mystery will likely remain the policeman, but this will be analysed more in the following chapter. At this point, it is safe to assume that whatever she is about to do would be considered suspicious, if not outright illegal by the policeman, and maybe usually she has to watch out for these guys before she can safely perform her task; that’s why she knows how to recognize them and, if I remember correctly, she is somewhat surprised by this particular policeman’s appearance (outfit).


This is where I paused just now! Only 13 pages left in this chapter. I still have some time before work demands my attention again, so let’s see how far I get. I’m still just reading, without looking up anything. Going well, aside from some eyebrow furrowing kanji.

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Update: I finished this chapter! Just in time for the kid to wake up after a 3 hour nap, and an afternoon snack to arrive from the fish place. My thoughts will follow!

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Not really, but I’m getting used to functioning on very little sleep or recovery time so I guess that’s progress :joy:

On another note, is there a full schedule with dates anywhere that I’m not seeing? I can’t actually remember when to read what and I’m not sure where we’re supposed to be at :sweat_smile:


I usually try to mention the next thread’s date in the top post. Chapter 6 is coming up this Saturday. Would it be helpful if I added a schedule to the ‘Hashing out the details’ thread? Also, I’ve been thinking of adding all threads to every chapter’s top post, instead of only previous chapter threads. Would that be an improvement?


I think a full schedule in the main thread would definitely be helpful. Gives an overview of what’s going on and would probably also be quite good for anyone starting late and/or catching up.

Not sure if you need to link all other threads in every chapters top post. I know I personally probably wouldn’t ever use it, but I’m sure it would be helpful for some people.


Other book clubs link to the previous and following thread, and keep a drop down of all the threads on the home thread, which makes them easier to navigate later on. :man_shrugging: it’s up to you how you want to handle it though @Saida. I don’t know how much effort that’d be.

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I think the harder part is to remember every time. It’s basically copy paste, but I’m sure I’ll forget some times.

I added dates for future chapters in the top post of the Hashing out the details for reading Murakami Haruki’s 1Q84 (Intermediate/Advanced Book) thread. I think I will add some links to all the threads in the top post of all chapters when I do the chapter 6 thread on Saturday. Thanks for the feedback!


I wanted to finish the chapter too after I read that (there were only 6 or 7 pages left!) but work and things got a bit crazy.

I’m fresh off reading now though! And wow, her suspicious behavior around the policeman hinted at it already but wow! What a cool, precise, methodical way to kill someone!

… I still really enjoyed 青豆’s narration, and cool professionalism though - and even more so the contrast we can see in some of her thoughts where her actual personality shines through.

My, I’m looking forward to seeing more of her in chapter 5.

Also, maybe seeing some of 天吾 as he relates to people other than 小松 or how he acts when he’s by himself. Looking at how chapter 4 starts, we’ll be getting some more 小松 too though. ^^;

I’ll probably catch up with 博士 and read some other book club first, but who knows. :eyes: I’m still aiming to at least start chapter 4 next week.


Finished this chapter! Here are some thoughts and the like:

Detailed thoughts

I really liked the slow start of the chapter where she descends the staircase and her mind starts wandering off every now and then. I truly enjoyed the spider philosophy :slight_smile: and then her own philosophy (私は移動する。ゆえに私はある。), and we had our first sex scene (Murakami is never disappointing the reader when it comes to these…)
It was fascinating to see how he manages to slowly build up the tension and to increase the speed, without giving away anything, until she finally kills him. Despite her seemingly being such a precise killing machine, he still shows her personality and her fear when she needs to wait until she can let go of the wound.

Grammar Points and Stuff:
I was a bit confused by 金属の板塀 because so far I thought 板 meant that it’s made of wood :woman_shrugging:

What I found interesting is the different writing style that is applied to Tengo’s and Aomame’s chapters. Aomame’s chapters feel much easier and more straightforward, while Tengo’s chapter was heavier and harder to read. Of course, her bits are more action-packed as well, but I’m wondering whether Murakami did this on purpose to reflect their types - hers as a dynamic, physical person and his as a more thoughtful, introvert writer?

Favourite Sentence of the Chapter:

[When she descends the staircase and discovers this one house that sits in between the roads] そんなところにシーツを干す人間もいないだろうし、そんなところで夕方の交通渋滞を眺めながらジン・トニックのグラスを傾ける人間もいないはずだ。
The second part gave me a good chuckle :wink:

Also, I liked her thought when she asked the dude his name: 人違いでないことを確認しておいて損がない。Very nice and dry humour, I approve :slight_smile:


Yes! That is one of my favorite parts about these books. They each feel like such distinct characters, with their own storytelling voices, right from the very first chapters. I definitely think Murakami does this very purposefully.

I don’t remember reading that scene as ‘fear’ so much as just very methodical care and precaution, as well as a rational awareness of the risks.

All the same, I also liked how her humanity showed through the cracks. :slight_smile:

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There was that, too, but to me it also felt like fear a bit, I think.