Book One Chapter 15: 青豆:気球に碇をつけるみたいにしっかりと Haruki Murakami's 1Q84

Hallo, a new Sunday, a new thread! Last week I slowed down on reading, still have thirteen pages to go, but I was sick for the second half of it, so giving myself a bit of a pass. It’ll give @Belerith a chance to catch up to me in the meantime! Now we’re both behind on the threads!

First things first: refer to Hashing out the details for reading Murakami Haruki’s 1Q84 (Intermediate/Advanced Book) for links to the threads of the 前編 for book 1.

We started on a two week per chapter schedule, but decided to speed up towards the end of the 前編, so we will go ahead with a one chapter one week schedule for the next 12 chapters as well.

Thread schedule

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Book One Chapter 15: 青豆:気球に碇をつけるみたいにしっかりと Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84
21-02-2021: Break
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11-04-2021: Chapter 22
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25-04-2021: Chapter 24

Warnings (read please!)

This story contains themes of an adult and/or sensitive nature, including cults, sex, murder, and sexual abuse of children, both mentioned, and graphic (though not until Book 2, in the latter case).

Our character's journey so far.

We learned more about Aomame’s life as a sports instructor, and about her best friends tragic end as a yough wife of a sadistic bastard. We see the first of Aomame’s rage against men who hurt women.

Let’s start off with a rough translation of the title:

Chapter 15: Aomame: Tightly, as if tying an anchor to a blimp.

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I just finished my current book, so I’ll be starting in on 1Q84 again next (ish), but definitely within the week. Thanks for the grace period! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Oh, @Hijiki, I hadn’t quite realized you were also reading along still! Glad to see it, though. Would you also be all right with a one week delay for chapter 16? If not, I can get it up by Wednesday. And proceed with 17 as scheduled, instead!

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I’ve already finished chapter 16 (I just had to know if the double moon phenomenon was also visible in the other half of the story, that part was eerily astonishing), but I don’t mind delaying. I’ll start chapter 17 when you make the respective thread and meanwhile catch up with some other book clubs.


Just felt like mentioning that that scene with all the katakana really had me struggling a bit! I was reading it aloud to my boyfriend in the car. :joy:

On another note: 間違いなく何かが起こりつつある。 I need to find out what つつ means. I come across it often enough, but I either never look it up, or never remember what it means.

I think in this case it must be this meaning:



Still a couple pages to go, but I feel like we finally learned how our two characters are connected here. I mean she didn’t name him, but a guy in elementary, and her family was in a sect and had to move? Seems obvious enough. :open_mouth:


True, yeah. They definitely knew (of) eachother and it was definitely 片思い.

By the way, how well do spoiler tags really work, I automatically read everything hidden by them, even from chapters I know I haven’t read yet. :joy:

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I suppose that largely depends on an individual’s self restraint? :grin:

I know I often click ‘by accident’, or without meaning to as well. I’d been good about the ones in this chapter until now though!

Having these connections between people and events form is really exciting somehow! I’m having a lot of fun (or, well. not always fun, but. 面白い) with 青豆’s chapters especially. :slight_smile:


Quick question about when 青豆 noticed that there were two moons in the sky. Did this happen earlier in the book (前編) or am I just imagining things? Was it a 天吾 chapter, maybe? Just need to jog my memory but don’t really want to go back through the entire 前編 again.

@NicoleIsEnough @Greti33

I wondered about the same when I got to that point :rofl:

I think maybe it was mentioned that there are two moons when she crossed the boundary (by climbing down the stairs) but I think she didn’t notice yet. Maybe?

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I could swear this came up earlier. I instantly remembered it, no way this is just deja vu. :thinking:

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Luckily I have the ebook version, and so I did a quick search. At first I searched for but all that came up was descriptions of clothes :sweat_smile:

Then I searched for but the first book only contains dates and time periods and the like, and there was some talk about a moon base that the US and the USSR had built. This came up around the time when she noticed that something was off with the weapons.
But the only place I could find where double moons are mentioned is in chapter 14, it comes up in Fukaeri‘s book. I had totally forgotten about that!

Book discussion

I must say it’s super impressive that Murakami manages to weave such a dense story that we both had this deja vu effect!

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Thanks! Murakami’s ability to weave all of these threads together is extremely impressive.

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